Email Marketing empowers brands to acquire and engage customers in personal ambiance. Therefore, email marketing is one of the strongest weapons of marketers to target audience. The best thing about email marketing is that it is permission based and do not create any kind of inconvenience to its customers.
6 Powerful Tips For Email Marketing

No doubts email marketing provides true ROI and better results but only in the condition when applied in right direction. Here are 6 powerful tips for Email Marketing guiding email marketers to bring the best results for the campaign they are running.

  1. Optimize the Mailers for Mobiles
    Although the tip has become old as many marketers have been shouting about responsive emails for long. Your mail should be accessible on all devices properly be it mobile, desktop or tablet otherwise your mail will go unnoticed to many subscribers. Many times it also leads to increased unsubscribe rate from the users.
  2. Find your Targeted Customers
    Sending the same mail to all without setting the priority is a blunder for email marketers. Segmentation is utmost necessary. Segment the customers in your database according to their interest and then send them relevant mails.
  3. Personalize Mailers if possible
    Addressing your subscriber with his name in the email is personalizing the email. When it comes to mass mailing it is not possible every time but it brings far better results. The most important thing is that it gives the certainty of landing the mail in ‘primary tab’ in inbox otherwise most of the promotional mails land in promotional tab.
  4. Seek Permission before Sending
    You will certainly get better results if you are sending mails to the database where the subscribers have been acquired through double opt-in form. Since you get assured of sending mails to the people who really need your mail therefore they will definitely open it and react to your ‘call to action’.
    6 Powerful Tips For Email Marketing
  5. Insert options to share the Mailer
    Inserting buttons to let your mailer share on social media and other applications will help to make your email marketing campaign go viral. Email Marketing companies in India are helping and guiding their clients to set these buttons and sharing only on social media is not enough. Let your subscribers mail the email to friends, share it on Whatsapp, Hike, vChat and other applications.
  6. Enable Triggered mails
    Enabling triggered mails also increases conversion rate. For instance if your customers have abandoned cart or seen any product, the triggered mail facility will send them a mail automatically asking him to complete the purchase. You can also send a discount offer with the mail.

Implementing such tips helps email marketers to increases the traffic on their website as well as increases open rate thereby increasing conversion rate.