College is the one time of our lives that we cannot take for granted. It certainly is no cake walk when it comes to getting by. The intense workload, the boring lectures, and the schedule are something that we can’t stop trying to loathe. It’s a good thing modern science has given us just the edge we need in the form of apps.

No, we’re not talking about social media apps; but the ones that can be of great value to students and their studies as well as teachers. They can help you manage time, sort out your daily tasks and collaborate with your friends. The apps given here are the most renowned in the world.

  1. do (iOS, Android, Desktop) is simply the go-to task manager that the world needs. It helps keep all of your tasks and objectives organized. It also allows you to feed in all your ideas, chores and share them with your friends. You can collaborate on your projects with your colleagues.

That way you can get done with your work faster and make time for other things. You can make use of this app on your mobile or desktop devices. It also syncs perfectly on all platforms. Some of the best features include; multimedia notes, shared tasks, speech recognition, and seamless cloud sync.

  1. SoundNote (iOS, Mac)

This app is the answer to those who want to keep track of the notes they take in class. SoundNote not only comes with a recording audio which allows you to tape the lectures that your teachers give in class but also records what you type and draw as well. This is fitting for those students who fall asleep in class.

If you’re looking for something specific in your recording, then you can just tap on the desired word or phrase and it will take you right to that part. You can also share your notes, text, audio, and drawings with others who wish to see or hear it.

  1. Evernote (Apple, Android, Windows)

Here it is – the best organizing app that has graced the screens of millions around the world. You can write or take notes, ideas, images, videos and share them with your friends, teachers and more. It perfectly syncs all of your notes, assignments, and tasks on any device or platform.

The amazing cloud-storage tech ensures that your documents are out of reach from unwanted hands. Brainstorm as many ideas and concepts you have and place them all at Evernote.

  1. Dropbox Mobile (Apple, Android, Windows)

When it comes to storage, Dropbox reigns supreme. That is why you would be wise to download and install this stunning app to keep all of your notes, reference materials, and documents. The impressive cloud storage facilities of this app enable you to store and view your files on any device.

You can take and store notes, images, audio and video as well. It is fast, simple and convenient.

  1. ly (Android, iOS)

Now you can stay alert about the latest news from around the world with Students can share all of their favorite publications, podcasts and YouTube channels with their friends and receive updates whenever something new comes up. It covers a variety of fields such as business, tech, science, and sports.

You can also share blogs that relate to the subjects you study in class. That way you can get the material required for the finals.

  1. BenchPrep (iOS, Android, Windows)

BenchPrep previously made a name for itself for helping prepare students for their standardized tests, but now it can help you prep for the finals of your program. With its simple interface and instructional design models, BenchPrep is your leverage to bagging your degree for sure.

Make good use of these apps and let them be the ones that will carry you to your future.

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Kate Jones works as a student counselor for My Assignment Help Deal UK. With her insightful advice and tips, she guides students to make the right choice for their academic profile and career. You can follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.