Students from all over the world have goals to attend Harvard because they believe it is the best university in the world. Perhaps it is just the name or maybe they actually did some research. No matter what we say about this university, the name is surely attached to some great achievements.

Harvard offers a lot of assistance to the students and a lot of graduates have found success. The Harvard bibliography generator has helped many students eliminate one more challenge. As great as Harvard is, there are some facts you probably did not know and it makes the academic institute even more interesting.

John Harvard Statue

For years we have believed that the statue of John Harvard was in fact him. The sculptor of the statue decided to use a student to model as John Harvard. What is presented as the founder of the university looks nothing like him. It is also believed that John Harvard was not the founder of the university, but rather honored in being named as the founder.

The library

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the library at Harvard, you could be in for some underground adventures. With more than 10 floors already in the library, you can find 2 more floors underground. Widener donated more than 3 million dollars to the library and asked that the structure never be changed. They needed a little more space, so instead of going more storeys up, the architects went underground.


Harvard has a strict rule that no filming be done inside the university. This rule has been in place since 1970. It applies more to those wanting to use it for commercial reasons and not so much students. At least the students can use the Harvard style bibliography, but don’t make a film about the inside of your place of education.

Gate superstition

The gates at Harvard University seems to always been closed, but they have a good explanation for this. Apparently it is bad luck to leave the gates open and students should only exit upon graduation. It’s a little strange that a university seen as the best in the world, would believe in superstitions.

Banned sport

Football is a huge part of America, which makes it interesting that the university tried to ban it. The motivation behind it was that it is too dangerous, but some people say that is what makes it interesting and American. You cannot give us a Harvard style paper and then take football away. It’s safe to say that the efforts to ban the sport has been frowned upon.

6% only

Did you know that only 6% of Harvard University applicants are actually accepted? That is a measly number to say the least. Everyone has heard about how difficult it can be to get in, but they should consider upping this to at least 10%.


As the oldest university in the United States, it is safe to say that it’s not going anywhere. The history and culture is fascinating. Even if getting accepted into Harvard is difficult, setting the goal early gives you a better chance. Having a story to tell is probably a better strategy than great academic results.