Sometimes you may feel that your bedroom is just not big enough… or at least does not feel like it is big enough. You do know that it can be fixed, right? Perception can be controlled and there are many small tricks you can implement to create a room layout that will make the room look and feel much bigger and spacier than it already is. And yes, waste clearance is one of them. De-cluttering will always be a solution to such problems, because less clutter will always mean more space, so do think about that when wondering about house clearance.

Put It Away

Begin a bedroom makeover by tidying up, and get clothes, clutter and things used only occasionally out of sight, and off the floor, tabletops and other surfaces. An added benefit is improved organisation and greater protection from dirt, dust and accidents. Keep in mind that you can also throw it away as well. Home clearance has actually made a lot of space and not just made it look bigger.

Intelligent Storage

Scandinavian design has been influential in using limited space efficiently, and many storage solutions don’t require a handyman, or even any flat-pack assembly. Add shelves, compartments and drawers, within existing shelving and hanging space, or on the backs of doors. This can put plenty of unused space to work.

Drop a Size

Perhaps the bedroom furniture is big old units, inherited or handed down, that could be replaced by newer models with smaller footprints and better-thought-out organisation inside. Even the bed may be physically larger than necessary. If replacing pieces of furniture is too difficult or costly, then removing or replacing parts like doors or bedsteads could make for space-saving bedroom refurbishment. Any things that you don’t need you should get rid of. There is no such thing as a waste disposal heap that is too big. You can apply clearance services to anything.

Just Add Lightness

If your house renovation won’t extend to new furniture, you could refresh it using lighter colours, maybe replacing or repainting cupboard doors. The same applies to walls and floors, although consider the effect of lighter, cooler colours on the restful atmosphere you may want to promote sleep. Replacing bed linen and textiles with lighter, more compact designs can make the room more spacious, too.

Window Dressing

Big, heavy full length curtains that hang out into the room could be replaced with more compact ones, or blinds. But again, bear in mind their effect on keeping the bedroom dark, warm and peaceful at night.

Reflecting on a Bigger Space

A simple way to make a bedroom look twice its size is add mirrors. Positioned well, they’ll reflect light around the room and maybe replace freestanding mirrors or neglected wall pictures. Add the paintings to the junk removal heap and put more mirrors – they will give you a sense of grandeur which will appeal to you.