6 Game Changing SEO Trends To Help You Dominate 2018

6 Game Changing SEO Trends To Help You Dominate 2018

There have been innumerable attempts to win over the search engine by digital marketing techniques but very few of them actually turned out to be fruitful. There are some sure fire methods to make your website aligned with the SEO standards and some of them are described in detail in the further sections.

Survival for the best

When it comes to search engine optimization and related techniques, best means the fastest. According to google, a page must load under 3 seconds of time and if not then the page isn’t much responsive and does not deserve a high rank. Speed is something that has been the main viewpoint of the algorithms of google from a long time and still continues to be. Making your website and subsequent web pages faster can surely make a significant difference on search engines.

An increasingly personalized SERP

Search engine has started becoming highly personalised when it comes yo searches and results of the same. The same page might rank at a different position for a person having a relevant history of the page. Therefore, personalization of SERPs is something worth considering.

The rise of SERP features

More and more SERP features are decreasing the efforts towards organic searches. SERP features like featured snippets, and various other types if SERP related features make it quite difficult for the organic search procedures to work.

Voice search is the real deal

In quite a few recent years, voice search has significantly gained importance among different individuals. According to Google, approximately 55 % of teens and 45 % of adults actually do make use of voice search for searching about different things and items. Therefore, if used properly according to the SEO techniques, voice search can make a significant difference in the overall search engine rankings.

Structured Data

Structured data is mainly used for the purpose of formatting HTML that makes use of a specific type of vocabulary to help the search engines in interpreting content and displaying it in the SERPs. Although, google never confirmed the fact but structured data is one of the major factors that affects the search engine ranking of a particular website or the web page.

Relevance 2.0

Almost everything in search engine optimization works according to relevance and the quality of content. Most of the websites are actually putting in a lot of efforts to convince google that the content posted by them is actually relevant, even when it is not. There are multiple algorithms and patterns using which google accesses and checks the relevancy of the content and no matter how hard you try, you cannot make an irrelevant piece of content look seemingly relevant.

Getting along the different and ever changing algorithms of google is something extremely daunting. But, efforts for the same have been put in by a number of digital marketers. Some of the best ways of performing better on the search engines are described in the above sections.

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