Homestays in India is one of the best accommodations that Indians have to offer to the tourists. You will get the delicious Indian food to eat and experience the local culture and traditions from the close. There are homestays in India at almost all the tourist places in the country but some of them are popular across the country. These homestays stand out in terms of location, hosts and facilities. There are some best Homestays in Coorg available at affordable Coorg Homestay Prices.

6 Exceptional Homestays In India

The Six  Exceptional Homestays in India in Terms of Location and Facilities are as Follows:   

  1. Sunnymead:

Sunnymead is an exceptional homestay in Shimla, where you can have your night stay and breakfast. It is a colonial- style ancestral property with an English cottage garden that gives you unforgettable gastronomic experience. It is a rare property that was converted into a bed and breakfast homestay in 2011.  The contemporary touches added to the building blend beautifully with the family treasures. The building has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The bedrooms are decorated in classic and contemporary style. The whole top floor is for the guests. In the Sunnymead, you can read books, enjoy bird photography and have nature walks.

  1. NaadMane:

It is an affordable homestay in Coorg Karnataka that offers flawless services and best facilities to the visitors.  In the homestay, you can spend time in recreational games. You will be provided Carom Board, Ludo, and chess board or playing cards. You can also enjoy trekking. The hosts organise both long and short treks for you as per your choice.  You will get the peaceful environment in the homestay. You can utilise your time reading novels or listening to your favourite music.  The fitness freaks can stay with outdoor games.

  1. Homestead:

The Homestead homestay in Corbett Uttarakhand gives a feel of a resort as you are provided such excellent facilities here. The magnificence of the property can take the breath of any tourist away. For adventure loving people, there is a great farm life and outdoor to be experienced.  You can enjoy a trip to the fields, bullock cart ride, milking cows, star gazing with a telescope, tending poultry, fishing, camping, nature walks, bonfires and barbeques. The special features of Homestead Homestay include swimming pools, expansive grounds, Spa and Gymnasium etc.

  1. Bangala:

It is a heritage Bungalow in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. It was built in 1910. It was used earlier for entertaining VIPs. And for some years, it was transformed into a club. The glory of this famous heritage building was restored in 1998 when it was converted into a heritage homestay.  The location of the homestay is convenient for tourists.  The building has 25 AC bedrooms, a banquet hall where you are served Chettinad cuisine on banana leaves. In addition, there is a swimming pool and a library for guests.  During your homestay in Bangala, you can visit local markets and villages.

  1. Kannur:

Kannur Homestay is located in remote northern Kerala. It is a Kerala style home believed to be some 100 years old. It is just a couple of minutes from the famous Thottada beach. The hosts at the Kannur Homestay serve you delicious local food and also take pleasure in sharing a wealth of information with you about the region. You can enjoy swimming, bird watching, boating and nature walks.  There are rooms with balconies via which you can enjoy sea views.

  1. Shahpura Bagh:

For people who want to experience an authentic royal experience in Rajasthan, for them, Shahpura Bagh homestay is the ideal destination. It is located on 45 acres in the countryside midway between Udaipur and Shahpura. It was originally constructed as a guest house.

Indians regard guests as God and they go out of their way to please them. When foreigners visit India, they usually prefer to stay in hotels and resorts and thus they never get to experience the hospitality of Indians. The homestays in India provide tourists with a solid opportunity to mix with Indians and experience their culture and traditions from the close. To book a homestay in Coorg, you can compare Coorg Homestay Prices online and choose and affordable one for yourself.