While the presence of a printer could mean ceaseless printing, this is not the case entirely. Resources (ink or toner) tend to run out, which in turn leaves the machine inoperative and useless up until a replacement is installed. Access to said resources is pretty convenient nowadays with the emergence of online selling sites. But the apparent problem that remains is the cost that can accumulate over time with relentless printing.

6 All-Too-Familiar Secrets To Save Printer Ink At Home

If you are concerned with the increasing expenses brought about by ink or toner, then most likely you have turned to ways that will save the resources, stop wastage, and extend its use. Certainly, there are ways that can do just that. Below are 6 all-too-familiar tips on how to save printer ink at home.

1. Print Only What You Really Need

Do you really need to print that? Before printing portion of graphics or texts, decide whether it is important or useful so you won’t end up with documents that will be stashed away. Rule of thumb: Print only what you need. Doing so will ensure that ink is saved for more important ones.

2. Always Use Print Preview

Print Preview is a very useful function that allows you to see how a document will appear if printed. Examine the document on print preview, make adjustments if needed, and pinpoint pages to print. Also, when using the print preview function, consider putting off color ink cartridges, select only the text you need and the pages you require (especially the last page that comes out with every print job). Putting this tip into practice significantly reduces printer ink consumption and paper usage as well.

3. Print texts over graphics

If documents for printing serve only as reference later on, make it a point to do away unnecessary images or graphics. Simply print the important texts and illustrations. No need to waste ink on irrelevant details.

4. Only Print Texts in Black Ink

Consider printing in black and white using a black ink cartridge. Use black and white printing instead of color when possible. Depending on your type of printer, you might have the option to choose grayscale printing with black ink cartridge. If you decide to print black with color ink cartridge, different colors can be combined to create black ink. But this will deplete your color ink cartridge much faster than it would drain a black ink cartridge. Additionally, if you are printing texts only or you are not doing a presentation quality work, you will not need the other colors.

5. Print Until It is Out of Ink

At a certain ink level, the printer will prompt a warning that it is nearly out of ink and needs a new replacement. Don’t be fooled though. Chances are you have about 10% to 30% of ink remaining. So continue printing until your printer ceases to do so.

6. Print with Color Ink Only When Necessary

If you want your ink to run its course longer, use color printing only when required. It is wiser to use only black and white printing for regular printing as this helps save ink. Modern printers can produce very high quality photographs, especially if you are using specialty photo paper. Printing high quality shots can consume plenty of ink and if done in volumes can deplete the ink entirely. So, if needed in numbers, might as well check whether it is better to outsource printing. There are many local printing centers that allow online orders at a reasonable price.

Still there are many all-too-familiar tips that save printer ink at home. But the above-mentioned definitely work wonders on limiting consumption of online ink cartridge replacements.

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