5 Wedding Shots You Won’t Want To Miss

Before the big day arrives, it’s important to sit down with your photographer to discuss the style of your wedding photography. Because honestly, you won’t have time to touch base in the midst of the ceremony, reception and excitement of the day itself. It’s useful to discuss what photos you absolutely have to have, the style you want, and the way that your photographer is going to approach it. To give you inspiration, here are 5 top suggestions for must-have wedding photos you won’t want to miss, and why you need them in your big day.

1. Getting Ready in the Morning

You might think that the last thing you want on the morning of your wedding is a photographer floating around whilst you get ready and panic. But in fact, these photos can really bring your wedding album together to tell the story of your day from the anticipation at the start to the relief at the end.

2. Creative Couple’s Photos

Even if you don’t feel too comfortable in front of the camera, you want those mantelpiece moments to be captured in your album. Creative wedding photography can break down the boundaries and make those essential photos fun. From thematic props to tongue-in-cheek poses, have a chat with your photographer about the way you want your couple’s photos to go.

3. Individual Shots

Whilst the focus of the big day is of course you as a couple, a few individual bride and groom shots are a must. Perhaps the most important day of your lives, you want to capture everything from what you were wearing to the huge smiles on your faces. So include a few photos of you both individually, as well as together.

4. The Setting

In the chaos of the day itself you’ll probably struggle to remember what you had for dinner, what the props that you fretted over so much in the build up to the wedding looked like, and how the venue set the tone for the reception. That’s where your wedding photographer can help jog your memory for many years to come.

5. The Guests

It goes without saying that you’ll have a few group family photos taken throughout the course of the day, but some of the best shots of your Grandma, Dad, or little nephew can be when they least expect it. Those loving glances and belly laughs look so much better when taken naturally, and your photographer can capture these with a documentary style if you choose.

Whilst your photographer is of course the professional, you have an important role to play in shaping the type of photos that are captured on the day. Get a feel for the photography style of potential wedding photographers, and be sure to have a proper chat with the person you choose about your specific preferences and requirements. That way you can be sure that your wedding album really reflects you as a couple, for results that you’ll love.

Article by Rebecca Fearn from Rebecca Fearn Photography, creative wedding and portrait photographer from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. You can follow her on Twitter at @fearnphotos

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