Affiliate marketing allows you online business without having any website. It provides effective lines for earnings on internet. To be affiliated in affiliate marketing programs is painless and a free sign-up is also there for many programs. Its results are wonderful but some are doubtful to start affiliate program. Perhaps they are uncertain that they have no website for affiliate product as they don’t know they could start without website. Following described pints may help you understand its true worth.

Email Marketing:

An effective technique in affiliate marketing is E-mail marketing. You maintain your lists without owing any website. You are required to build e-mail lists for customers to send them articles relevant to your promoting affiliated brands. Provide promotional data and ads in articles for your customers. Remember, informative data is compulsory for e-mail marketing strategies. Place links to affiliated site with ads included in article text.

Writing E-books:

If you have a knack in writing, E-book writing is also good technique for promoting affiliated products if you are big writer. It is best way when you have no website of your own. You are appreciated by readers in e-mails for informative data provided by you in e-books. Remember to write contents in e-books relevant to your own promoting affiliate products. Just as in e-mail marketing, put in ads at closing place or anywhere else in text. It would link to your affiliated site.

Offline Promotion:

Offline promoting strategies are also beneficial in this regard. You may promote affiliate products by effective offline techniques. Brochures, classified ad and banner could be utilized for offline promotions. But classified ads having great potential, helps better than banner or brochures. These continuous ads normally catch more audience.


EZINE have unique articles for anyone who needs any information about any topic. If you want affiliation without owing website, you better register with EZINE. Provide unique information in articles about affiliated product with links to your affiliated website. When you owe a website, EZINE article actually work wonder for promoting your site. Since you owe no website, so just submit free articles to many websites hosting EZINES.

Online discussions:

You can’t overlook importance of online discussions, like forum and chat, because online discussions are good platforms for marketing any affiliate products. You would get targeted people without difficulty who are interested in your promoting products from these discussion boards. Remember to find suitable room according to your affiliations.

Knowing the described strategies, you got effective lines to advertise your affiliated products without owing a website. To start the affiliate program may look easy without website but to get better success in affiliate markets is other thing difficult. No doubt, you may be successful but if you are looking long business, you have to start your own website. It will give you better business for upcoming years.