It has already been proved through a research that eyes captures the image first and then the words and normally a person recognized objects more than words. To add to this, it has been found in a study that 75% of is done through vision and we all learn by looking and hence vision bridges all other senses in terms of learning and memory.

With more visuals, a person is more likely to recognize or recall. The e-learning becoming more adaptive by students and teachers, here are a few tips for online tutors and e-learning course developers to make their e-learning courses effective and to make more beneficial for students.

5 Ways To Make E-learning Course More Effective?

Incorporate these techniques and make your eLearning course more visual.

Trademark Your Course

Concept based e-Learning templates make courses stand out and themes and templates can be customized that will match the style guide and the brand.

Theme-based eLearning templates make courses stand out. In general, every features included in the e-learning course like visual or non-visual should help students to prepare for UPSC Prelims, recognize the brand and make e-learning more adaptive and effective.


Using infographics in the eLearning course material will make the data look more consequential and attractive and moreover it helps in making learning more fun and interesting. With infographics inserted in the content will make the students to grasp the concept fast and remember them easily.

Embed a Video

E-learning course including images and infographics definitely add tons to data but adding a video that explains about the concept or theory using animations or digital techniques. As videos merge images, texts and sounds demonstrating the topic will create effectual learning and keep students engaged with the learning.

BYJU’s one of the online and offline tutors provide innovative learning system for all the students who are preparing for Civil Service Examination by designing their course material by embedding digital videos with conceptual clarity that will make them to see learning in a whole new way and fall in love with learning. To know more about BYJU’s visit their website

Visual Menus

Adding creative menus and navigation features for your course will make your e-learning course the most preferred one. Making a set of topics and creating slides and interlinking chapters or using flowchart or timeline to organize historical dates or categories will make e-learning course more effective and adaptive for students.