5 Ways To Lead A Happy Life

5 Ways To Lead A Happy Life

We are all living in a world, that is running without a break all day and night. Our careers, responsibilities, social functions and parties, all become a routine. And in this routine, we all find ourselves yearning for peace. When really what we don’t understand is that what we expect is not peace but happiness. Because in the latter rests the former. A happy life is the key to every success, the creator of every opportunity and the keeper of hopes. So all you really need to do is keep yourself happy all the time. And simple it is. Read on:

1. Remember that Smiling doesn’t Cost you anything

A smile goes a mile and sometimes farther. This is the simplest way of being happy. Smile. No matter good or bad, no matter happy or sad, just smile. Because when you smile, you aren’t just trying to create a positive atmosphere around you, which people will of course appreciate, but also when you smile, you give yourself an assurance that everything will be fine. That this bad phase is going to run away and only have the power to do that. Don’t you think like this when you are happy. Try when a calamity hits upon you. You’ll know what it is.

2. Practice Gratitude

This is something I always tell people. Gratitude isn’t just a virtue of a way of living life. But it is a gift that we give ourselves. It is a blessing we bestow upon ourselves. And this is the reason why gratitude is a must. When life hits upon you every difficulty, let gratitude be the filter that changes it to something positive. Let gratitude be the glasses that changes the view when you look through it. There is no strength any stronger than self belief. I repeat this, nothing stronger. Try it.

3. Always be confident

Heard this – Confidence is the key to success? Well everyone has certainly. And I can’t agree with it anymore. But what I think is that Confidence is the success itself. Yes, hard work is important. But what makes you motivated to do it is confidence, what makes you believe in yourself is confidence. There’s nothing tricky about it too. Just looking at the mirror, smiling to yourself and speaking your heart out is all you need. As simple as that.

4. Exercise and Meditate

This is a must for everyone. Infact a golden rule it is to me. There is no comparison to a life that is healthy and peaceful and that is what you get when you exercise and meditate. Your mind drives your body and so when your mind is stuck in a unhealthy or tensed situation, the body loses its stability. And then triggers unhappiness and depression. They are all controlled by the mind- the senses, the world we live in, is, in a way controlled by the minds of we people. And so are our happiness and joys.

5. Be the Reason for Someone’s Happiness

There is no joy as complete and fulfilled, as the joy of being the reason to someone’s happiness. You sometimes become angels to someone who world is shattering into the gallows. You come like a light and fight the darkness to restore peace. And the very feeling that you did a change, that too for the good, is no match. Try to be someone’s reason for happiness, surprise them, confide in them, and see your world changing, see your heart glowing.

These things that I just listed are all simple things you can do. To conquer your world and keep it happy. To take care of it and flourish it. This is what you need. This happiness and this certainty. And there is no looking down and no feeling broken. Just you, positivity and happy life.

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