Whether you’re already in the market for a new roof or you’re simply considering some general home improvements. It might be worth your while to consider the money-saving benefits of a roof upgrade for your home.

Today we’re sharing five of the most important advantages you could reap from roofing upgrades that could give you the most bang for your buck in long-term savings.

#1) Energy Savings

Although our energy expenses are almost certainly an unavoidable constant in just about every home, they are also often one of the most flexible. With the proper changes to your energy consumption, you could reap a great deal of savings without too many changes to your usual lifestyle. A good, proper roof for your home can go a long way in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Better weatherproofing, solid seals and improved insulation through your roofing will ensure that you maintain comfortable temperatures indoors with less reliance on heating and cooling expenses.

#2) Fewer Repairs

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’. As with many things, this saying holds true with roofing. Given that our roof is perhaps the most important part of any shelter, it goes without saying that you should always invest in a high quality roof, even if it may cost you a bit more.

You will most likely save money in the long run anyway, because a great roof doesn’t just provide a brace from the elements – it lasts much longer than cheaper roofs. This means you’ll need fewer repairs and go much longer without needing a replacement or overhaul.

#3) Damage Resistance

Because our rooftops are designed to endure and absorb the brunt of the elements that may batter our homes, they are often prone to damage. Whether it’s gusting winds, pounding rain, scorching sun or that neighbor’s tree with the over-hanging limbs; your roof will undoubtedly sustain its fair share of damage in its lifetime.

With a proper, high quality roof, you ensure that you’re getting (A) The right roof for your climate and the type of home you have and (B) a durable, rugged roof with lasting power against the elements. The less damage your roof takes in its lifetime, the more money you save.

#4) Weather Resistance

As we talked about in the previous section, your roof will surely endure weather of all types and severity. A good roof is designed for proper resistance to all types of weather. Beyond just mitigating damage from weather, your roof should handle heavy rainfall and runoff more efficiently, withstand weighty snowfall and stick steadfast in blustery winds.

Good weather resistance also means fewer leaks and fewer hazards around the home underneath.  All of these benefits equate to money savings in the end.

#5) Insurance Premiums

As a frugal homeowner, you most likely have insurance on your house. We all want to put more money in our pockets instead of into our insurance agency, so it’s best to look for the best possible premiums.

One way to ensure a lower premium is by having a high quality roof. The homeowner isn’t the only one who will see the benefits of a proper, high quality roof. Your insurance agent will see it too, and it will come back to you in savings with a lower premium as you reduce risk to potential damage for insurers.

Heath Hicks is a professional roofing contracter, home improvement blogger and owner at AVCO Roofing