5 Unusual Ways to Find Extra Money in the Budget

If you want some extra cash in your life, you either have to get a second job or make budget cuts. The second option is easier, because time with your family has no dollar amount. There may be some things you want that will require more money, such as a grand family vacation. Taking a closer look at your budget is the first step to adding more cash to your wallet.

Every penny you spend affects your budget. If you are not aware of where your money is going, it is a sure way to overspend. You might be surprised at how much you are spending in certain areas. When you discover these areas, you can find ways to cut the costs. Here are some financial hacks that can help you find the cash you need:


Food is not a luxury item; however, the types of food you buy deserve closer examination. Follow these guidelines to save a bundle on your grocery bill:


You may find some extra cash savings when you start cutting your clothing budget. Here is how:


Every family needs to get out and have some fun. There are a lot of things that you can do cheaply or for no charge at all. When new movies come out that your family wants to see, wait until your local theater puts them on the matinee schedule. You will pay half of what you would normally pay—plus, some matinees feature kids-free days. Instead of buying videos, rent them for free at your local library.

State and national forests do not cost anything to visit. You can go hiking and fishing with the gear that you already have. Check your local paper for low-cost or free events at museums, libraries, and other businesses. Your family will save a big chunk of money by using these entertainment guides.

A Stack Of Cash May Be Waiting For You

Every year, millions of dollars sit in government depositories, waiting for their owner. Do some online searches in your state to see if there are any unclaimed properties or money that you have inherited. Sometimes, people buy small stocks, bonds, and insurance policies and forget about them. You might be a beneficiary of a long deceased relative. There are government websites to peruse on local, state, and federal levels. You may find a few dollars, or thousands! Remember that the government will not contact you about unclaimed property. If you get calls or correspondence from a so-called government agency saying they will release your unclaimed money for a fee, it is a total scam.

Reduce Your Bills

Do you really need that upper-tier cable package? Most people only watch a handful of favorite channels. Call your cable company and get the lowest package that they offer. If you have a credit card, call the company and negotiate for a better rate. You can do the same thing by refinancing your home. Look at your list of monthly bills and see where you can make some cuts to save money.

As the old saying goes, money does not grow on trees. By shopping smart and being diligent with your family budget, you can save money for other things. Put this found cash in a savings account and get even more money with interest. Your family is worth the effort.

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