One attire that every Indian women can swear by is a Saree. Indian women and saree have a long history. Theirs is a love story from the ancient times and it is still going strong. No matter how modern a woman is, where she is living, an Indian woman loves to wear a saree on special occasions and festivals. A saree accentuates a woman’s body and enhances her beauty like no outfit else. Thus, a saree must be on top of your list when you are going to shop for clothes.

Here are a few types of sarees that are hot favourite this year. You can also Buy Women’sFashion Sarees Online

5 Types Of Sarees That U Should Buy This Year

Benares saree –

They were once very popular. Over years people began to lock them up in their closets. But, it is now time to bring them back to the party. The Benares sarees are back in fashion. They are these beautiful sarees made in the historical city of Benares or Varanasi. These pure silk sarees are available in various colours and textures. The designs too are varied. The borders of these sarees are heavy and sheen. You can wear these at weddings and festivals.

Kanjeevaram saree –

What Benares saree is for the north Indians, Kanjeevaram is for the south Indians. These sarees commonly known as the Kanchi sarees are crafted in a small city of Tamil Nadu called as Kanchipuram. Hence the name. These sarees are indigenous for every south Indian. They are a must at weddings and puja ceremonies. Look shiny and typical Indian by wearing this saree at the next wedding.

Gota saree –

It is a very nice saree that you can wear even to the parties. The simple sarees have prominent and stunning borders. There are intricate designs in the border making the saree a kind of fancy, yet ethnic wear.

Kalamkari saree –

The new chic on the block is definitely the kalamkari saree. You can see most of the young women wear these sarees to not just parties or weddings, but also to work. The kalamkari sarees are simple yet attractive. The kalamkari designs are hand made by the artists. Hence the name which is derived from the word kalam which means pen and kari meaning art. The plain sarees are painted with designs varying from mythology to nature. Surely, it’s a pleasure to see an artistic kalamkari saree.

Cocktail saree –

These are fun and fancy sarees that you can wear to casual parties. The sarees are not heavy or do not have complicated designs. They are made of light weight cloth such as chiffon. The designs are also very light and pleasing to the eye. They are the most loved among the young women who love to wear sarees to parties.

A saree is a magic that is rolled into nine yards. Where it at any event, and it is not going to disappoint you. You are sure to get a few second glances and lots of compliments when you wear a saree. Buy Fashion Sarees for girls onlineand look your fabulous best at the next party.