Student hostels can be some of the most exciting and interesting places you can stay. When venturing out on your own for the first time however, those first steps can be daunting and a little scary, so we’ve put together some top tips on how to survive in a student hostel.

1) Take care when choosing a Room

Whether you get on with anybody or prefer the company of those the same sex, a room which makes you feel comfortable should be your main priority when you’re choosing somewhere to stay. Remember to remain open-minded however – you could meet friends for life in some of these places! The worst thing you could do when staying in a hostel is be shy – you’re missing out on all sorts of great opportunities! You might even meet the partner of your dreams…

2) Always be prepared

You don’t want to be the hostel visitor everyone remembers for being stinky, unwashed, unkempt and always in the same clothes. Bring all your essentials with you, including a towel and showering products, as they’re very rarely included with your stay! You might also want a pair of earplugs for noisy party animals or heavy snorers!

3) Be careful with valuables

While the majority of people going into a hostel will be those you can trust, you should still be careful when bringing valuables with you for your stay. Only bring what you absolutely need and, when you’re away from your valuables, you’ll want to store them in a locker if that’s something the hostel provides. If not, a great place to keep them is under your pillow as you sleep, and on your person in a soft bag during the day, in your possession at all times. Don’t let those with sticky hands get away with your goods!

4) Always choose the Bottom Bunk

It’s funny, when we were kids and we had the option of staying in a bunk bed, the bunk on top was always the desired place. Now though, as we live in a time of drinking, charging up electronic devices and easy accessibility, the bottom bunk is the place to be. You’ll be nearer to plugs, able to climb into bed after a night out much easier and will be able to claim under the bottom bunk as your personal space. It just makes sense!

5) Finally, get to know where you’re staying

It’s important to know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. It’s wise for students looking to stay in a hostel to visit the place if possible before handing over cash and forcing themselves into something with their eyes shut. Take a word of advice from a man who has stayed in many a strange place – not every hostel is going to be the hostel of your dreams, so get online and on review sites such as Tripadvisor to find out exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made, and you’ll dodge sharing a room with the cast of horror movie Hostel if you play your cards right!

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