Having a good accident claims solicitor on your side ensures that your case for compensation will be as strong as possible, and that no matter what happens, you have only the best advice given to you. But finding a good solicitor is not always easy, and many people spend months trying to find somebody who’s qualified. If you are in this boat, then here are our top five tips for finding the best accident claims solicitors:

  1. Free advice helplines

When it comes to making a claim for a UK accident, you need to receive the best advice possible before making a decision. You need to know firstly whether or not you are eligible to make a claim, and secondly how strong your case actually is. Law firms operating accident advice helplines are worth their weight in gold with regards to this. You can get free advice quickly and easily over the phone from the best accident claims solicitors.

  1. Testimonials and reviews

A solicitor’s reputation is built on the excellent service they provide so you should be wary of any solicitor who can’t refer you to any client testimonials. Many law firms are also now integrating review systems like Feefo onto their websites to show their credibility.

  1. Initial consultations

Lawyers always offer a free initial consultation and these are a fantastic place to get a feel for how good a solicitor really is. Organise an appointment and fire away all your claims-related questions to them. If what you hear sounds good and you receive sound advice then you may have just found your ideal solicitor. Organise a few different appointments with different lawyers, though – or in other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  1. Contact methods

The best solicitors are in high demand, and so they always have several different ways to contact them. Usually, these are by telephone or email, however live chat and social media contact methods are becoming increasingly popular. The easier it is to contact a solicitor then the higher the likelihood of your claims process being smooth and the higher the likelihood of your solicitor discussing your case with you as it progresses.

  1. Advertised success rates

A solicitor’s success rate is a percentage of the amount of cases they win. Obviously, the higher the success rate the better. Solicitors with a high success rate will naturally advertise this because it offers a certain service guarantee. A success rate of 80 percent or more is definitely worth talking about, so if you see such a success rate, you can count on a solicitor being at the top of their game. You can also ask them to clarify any figures you have seen.