Today more and more college seniors try to intensify their efforts in job seeking during the last year of study. Times, when college graduators finish a college without any idea where to get recruited, has gone. Job-hunting is a complicated and challenging process for everyone at any age, especially for college graduates. But the sooner you understand its mechanism, the easier job seeking will be. We have analyzed multiple market offers, pieces of advice based on interviews, we talk to different recruiters, headhunters and human resource managers, and we are ready to share our experience with you. Here are 5 tips on how to get a job out of college.

Are you a last-year-student? Would you like to get a job of your life, but you still don’t know what to start from? Look here! We are eager to help you!

Search for internship programs

When it comes to applying for a job, there is never ‘too early.’ Seeking a position is a very demanding and overwhelming process, and it is better to start the research of vacancies beforehand. Think of ways and resources with the help of which you are going to search for a position. At the time when your friends think of exams, you have already started research on career options. Don’t you know what to start from? Think of internship in different companies and centers of your city. Today internship programs are excellent opportunities to gain new knowledge and master learned skills. Any internship program is flexible, which gives you a chance to work part-time and balance academic life. They are beneficial, as well. Graduates are eager to work for a company that not only teaches them but also pay money for their studying. Companies that offer such option are ready to recruit an inexperienced student because after finishing internship they will get a new highly professional worker.

Provide with your Online Presence 

The recent researches showed that there are more and more headhunters and HR assistants who choose professional networks, such as LinkedIn, as a tool to find and recruit new workers. Hence, for the last three years, the index of LinkedIn usage increases from 22% to 38%. Like any other modern network, LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to subscribe for new vacancies. The information about your professional qualities and experience is essential and LinkedIn job hunting. It will help recruiters to find you and distinguish among other applicants.

Complete a CV

The curriculum vitae is your brief and written account of your personal details, your education, and the experience you have gained from the previous positions. This is the first thing that attracts recruiter’s attention. According to your CV, it is possible to make a conclusion about you as an applicant for a job. Being a college graduate without any proper experience is quite difficult, but even in this case, you can draw recruiters’ attention to your CV with the help of profound words and formal language. If all of a sudden your imagination ran short, Google top 10 most important personal traits for career success and use these list of sophisticated career qualities and characteristics in your CV.

Write a killer cover Letter

Applying for a job, you always send your CV with an attached cover letter. In order to ‘conquer’ your potential employee, your cover letter should be short-spoken and sophisticated. The recipe of a perfect cover letter is simple: you have to show your interest in employee’s company. Not only describe you your experience and qualities as a candidate, but also you show your readiness to bring benefit to a company. Even if you have a few needed skills for a position, you have an opportunity to write in a cover letter the reason why you consider yourself as a perfect candidate.

Get ready for an interview

An interview is the most challenging element of seeking a position, that may spoil or exceed employee’s first impression of an applicant. Look through some most popular questions being asked during the interviews and prepare creative and elegant answers. For example, I am pretty sure that I can manage with any task given to me, because “no” is not my vocabulary. I always meet deadlines, and I tend to fit any situation given to me. Or something like “My professional qualification, excellent communicational skills and great desire to challenge seem to fit me well for this position.”

The article is written by Joseph Sartori.