Have you ever felt like you pick up on information or energy that others don’t tend to notice? When you walk into a space, do you get a visceral feeling from the energy that it carries? When you are speaking one-on-one with someone, do you ever feel as though you are receiving information about that person that is not being said? If so, then there’s a good chance that you have some natural psychic abilities. If you do, it’s probably always been an intuition of yours, but with the stigma that has been created and hyped by television and movies, it’s hard to talk about it with others without feeling embarrassed or receiving judgment. The truth is, lots of people have natural psychic abilities, and those abilities are not static. They can definitely be honed and strengthened if you are dedicated to tapping into them. There are is all kinds of invisible information floating in the air. We know that there is invisible information being transferred over wifi connections, satellite transmissions, and even Bluetooth transmission. So why is it so hard for people to accept that there are other forms of information floating all around us? Generally speaking, people won’t believe it until they experience it themselves. If you want to experience these transmissions in a more comprehensive way, here are five tips for honing your psychic abilities.

  1. Get a psychic reading. Just like you couldn’t become a master chef without eating lots of different foods, you can’t really become a true psychic without being on the receiving end of a psychic reading. You can find several highly trained psychics with The Psychic Line, and if you get good enough, you can even apply one day to become one of their readers.
  2. Go to a psychic school. Once you’ve experienced a few psychic readings, you’re ready to start taking classes. Indeed, there are many psychic schools that will teach you how to perform readings and learn exactly what kinds of extra sensory perceptions you have a natural ability to tap into.
  3. Take a stab at remote viewing. Remote viewing is the art of focusing on a single object in space and filling in the rest of the picture with your psychic abilities. It’s like looking through a small hole in a screen and then perpetually poking more and more holes into that screen until you can see the big picture.
  4. Undergo hypnosis. Hypnosis is another very stigmatized practice that is very much real and effective way to tap into the lesser understood corners of your consciousness. A licensed hypnotherapist will walk you through a number of different visualizations that you will actively respond to as you let the imagery unfold in the theater of your mind.
  5. Write in a stream of consciousness type of fashion. When you are in a physical space that seems to be charged with a particularly strong energy, allow yourself to sit and write everything that comes to mind without any regard for spelling, grammar, or comprehensive narrative. You just want to create a document of all the thoughts and feelings that come over you.