5 Things To Do With Asbestos Removal

If you’re planning for an asbestos removal in your home, it’s highly advised to employ a licensed asbestos removalist. But, as long as you implement important safety measures, you can remove the bonded asbestos by yourself. The maximum area you can do is 10 square meters. If you need more than the required 10 square meters, the government suggests you employ a licensed asbestos removalist or acquire a license to remove asbestos, which obliges you to attend the correct training course provided by registered training organizations.

If you do the asbestos removal yourself, take note, you must ensure to follow these steps:

Working with Asbestos

  1. Work Securely
  1. Inform Others

Make sure that family members and pets are away from the work environment, even after the cleanup process. Also, talk to individuals who may be affected by the asbestos cement materials during your removal and disposal.

  1. Prepare the Area



  1. Clean Up
  1. Transport and Disposal

The disposal of asbestos wastes must be a site approved by the local council in Calgary. You may also hire a licensed Calgary asbestos removal company such as the Calgary Water & Flood Services Inc. to get and take away all the asbestos waste from your work area. You can reach them at 403-455-4379.

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