Clinicians define infertility as the inability to conceive a baby within 1 year (some prefer this limit to be 2 years) of unprotected sexual intercourse. One in every six couples is affected by infertility. Some women conceive spontaneously while others experience trouble in getting pregnant and require some kind of medical assistance in achieving pregnancy. If you are over 35 years of age, you may seek advice from an expert when six months of contraceptive-free intercourse has not led to pregnancy. Either you or your partner can be the reason behind infertility or you may both be separately fertile but may require assistance to conceive as a couple.

5 Things To Consider Before Getting IVF Treatment

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a revolutionary technique that has helped many childless couples to achieve pregnancy. In this method, eggs are fertilized outside the uterus by sperm. The fertilized egg is transferred into the mother’s womb and the embryo grows into a healthy baby. If you are considering IVF infertility treatment India, you should consider the following things to make an informed decision:

1. Choose the Right Reproductive Healthcare Clinic:

IVF has been a ray of hope for many couples but the success primarily depends on the choice of your clinic and medical expert. The treatment methods practiced by the clinician and his/her approach to the process can influence your chances of getting pregnant. Other factors that may decide the success of achieving pregnancy is your age and other medical issues.

2. Check the Cost:

IVF process involves multiple steps before it results in successful pregnancy. It is necessary to ask about the costs related with every step so you can set aside adequate funds to get through the entire procedure.

3. Number of Embryos Implanted:

Ask your doctor about the quantity of embryos that will be placed before they’re transferred. Also, check whether extra embryos could be frozen and saved for future use. Freezing embryos for future can make IVF cycles less costly. There is a possibility that the live birth percentage from frozen embryos is different from that of fresh embryos so consult your doctor about the same. Another thing that you can consider is to donate frozen embryos (unused) to another couple or you might just choose to dispose of unused embryos.

4. A Multiple Pregnancy:

IVF can cause a multiple pregnancy if two or more embryos are implanted in your womb. You need to check the risks and other details to prepare yourself for all such aspects.

5. Complications:

Though IVF is a highly advanced and proven technique, there are several complications that are associated with the success of the procedure. Complications can arise if you use donor sperm, eggs, or embryos or a surrogate carrier. Take help of a qualified counsellor to help understand the concerns and privileges of the donor before you get IVF infertility treatment India. Bear in mind that the odds of delivering a healthy baby through IVF depend on factors like mother’s age, reproductive issues, embryo status, the cause of infertility and your lifestyle. Additionally, speak to your physician about other reason that may influence chances of achieving pregnancy.

Apart from these things, discuss the benefits, risks, and other options with your physician before getting IVF treatment.

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