5 Things To Be More Aware Of In 2017

Now that 2017 has hit, and it doesn’t seem like the apocalypse is upon us quite yet, we can take this opportunity to use the next 12 months to be more aware of our surroundings. But what can we do specifically?

Five things to start with might be becoming more aware of signs and symptoms of addiction, recognizing social media cries for help, thinking of ways to adjust your own self-destructive habits, listening for musical trends, and deciphering how to maneuver your way through the politics of the day.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Many people hide their addictions from friends and family. But, if you personally know the signs of addiction, then you can help people who need it, without being judgmental. If there’s one single thing to be especially aware of this year, look for these signs in the people around you, and offer your help when appropriate. The best gift that you can give to many people who are struggling is the awareness of their situation.

Social Cries For Help

On social media, it’s easy to lose yourself to the chatter and become numb to the messages that are being sent, even by the people that are close to you. However, many social media habits are cries for help or attention, and if you see these indicators, do something about it. Talk to the people who post certain things, and find out what they need in order to equalize the issues that they’re having that cause them to behave in these ways. “Vaguebooking” is a classic example of a desire to get help or attention, and if you’re aware of this behavior, call it out privately.

Your Own Self-Destructive Habits

How aware are you of your own self-destructive habits? How do you feel about your use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs? Do you feel you have a handle on your habits, but think that maybe just under the surface, they are the ones that have the handle on you? Always be sure to check yourself before judging others, and you’ll see that underlying issues can exist.

Musical Trends

Most people believe that the best music around is the music that they heard in high school. If there’s something that you want to do culturally in order to become a more aware person, take some time and listen to new music. The radio isn’t the best place to do this, but rather curated lists online to get the best mix.


The political spectrum in 2017 is going to be absolutely crazy. In terms of awareness, simply by finding a good, balanced set of news will help you make your own mental pathway through the mayhem. Even if you don’t become a daily expert on political dealings, at least your won’t be surprised when your healthcare options change.

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