When weather is favorable, especially during summer, swimming is the best recreational activity that you can undertake. However, as swimming pool is one of the best places to have fun, it is also the most dangerous place especially for children. It is essential that you fence the pool and glass fencing is the best solution for this.

5 Things That You Must Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Benefits of Frameless Glass Fencing around Pools

  1. The demarcation prevents the entry of unauthorized persons to your pool.
  2. This stylish design makes the pool visible from a distance and also creates a complementary design to the environment.
  3. Children might get engrossed in playing and forget the presence of a pool but with the fence, it will prevent them from getting to the pool.

Before choosing a glass frame, there are certain things that you must have knowledge about. The following are 5 things that you must know about frameless glass pool fences.

  1. What are Frameless Glass Pool Fences?

Frameless glass means that the glass does not have any visible boundaries. They are just large pieces of glass panes that come in different sizes depending on the size of your pool. The glass has polished edges that cannot cause cuts to anyone. They are usually attached on the ground with stainless steel hinges.

  1. Why Opt For Frameless Glass Pool Fences?

The main reason is because they offer visibility of the pool which acts as the décor of the surrounding. Another reason is frameless glass fencing is sophisticated and shows class. Not many people can afford this and if you install it then you are placed at the top of the chain.

Glass offer aesthetic value whereby if you are swimming you can be able to see the outside environment and it feels that you are swimming in the air. This also gives you the ability to monitor your children playing in the yard near the pool while you are enjoying yourself.

  1. How to Install Frameless Glass Pool Fences?

Frameless glass pool fences can be erected on any type of floor be it wooden or concrete. Installation occurs in three ways:

  • Spigot installation

Spigots are put on the surface and they are usually of very high quality.

  • Slot installation

Slots are created inside the ground where the panes fit into very well.

  • Button installation

The glass panels go into the ground using bolts on the glass. This is usually ensure that the panes are well balanced and strongly attached to the floor.

  1. The Strength of Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Contrary to popular opinion that glass is a fragile material, these fences are very strong. This is because of the quality of the glass used and because of the stainless steel spigots, slots and buttons.

  1. Maintaining a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Glass is a very sensitive material that requires regular maintenance. This is because it stains easily for example once you touch it, your fingerprints alone become stains even if your hands are not dirty. The best way of cleaning glass fencing is by scrubbing the glass with soapy water. The scrubber should not be rough to prevent scratches or cracks. After that you rinse the glass with clean water and let the sun dry it up.

After knowing the above, you can agree that glass fencing is the most elegant way of fencing your pool. You will be able to make a statement by using the frameless glass pool fence even if people do not swim in the pool. Glazing vision is one of the most reliable companies that offer reliable glass pool fencing services. You can get all the services you need in order to maintain your fence effectively.