If you’re involved in the hospitality industry, you must be considering attending the International Hotel Investment Forum. There are seminars and lectures on some of the most important issues affecting modern hotels, from financing and architecture to analysis in developing markets that could represent your next opportunity.

Registrations are still open, so we’re highlighting five of the most compelling and important talks to help you make up your mind if you’re still deciding whether or not to buy a ticket.

Adapting to Change

The keynote speech of day one, Adapting to Change will set the tone for the rest of the event. The hospitality industry faces change now more than ever, with traditional markets under threat, emerging markets requiring courting and technology, as always, threatening and promising to revolutionise everything from your booking systems to your employment contracts.

Design and Architecture: Renovating Hotels to Drive Profits

Understanding Hospitality Architecture is vital for anyone in the industry. Working with architects to make sure your hotel reflects and highlights nearby natural features, for example, creates a unique experience that guests simply cannot get anywhere else.

This talk firmly ties the dreams of even the most ambitious hoteliers to the bottom line by drawing attention to how renovating a hotel can boost your profits.

Why Independent Hotels Outperform Chain Hotels in the Alpine Resort Market

This is roundtable discussion is a great one to get involved with: a study on how independent hotels have thrived in this specific business micro-climate isn’t just interesting for the specifics of the alpine resort market. Learning about where Independents do well and learning to apply those lessons to your own venture can only lead to useful lessons.

The discussion lead nature of the task makes it an ideal one to turn into a networking opportunity as well! It lets you break the ice with inspiring peers.

Fostering Innovation in Hospitality Development & Management

This is another vital theme for anyone working in the hospitality industry. With the new challenges facing hotels and their owners in the current climate, innovation is vital. Hotels that close in the face of problems are those with management layers that simply don’t welcome change. Learning how to accept change and foster the people that can devise new solutions is vital for success.

Getting Digital: Customer Engagement & e-Commerce

If you aren’t using digital marketing effectively you are doomed to fall behind in 2018. This talks digs into the specifics of how to use the many tools available to engage with your customers using the internet, and to turn their clicks into bookings, from quantifying the benefits of different social media channels to looking at the ecommerce options available for hospitality.

These are only five of the events available at the forum. If you make the most of the three days it runs for, you won’t just learn a lot, you could meet the partner for your next project as well!