To organise an exhibition from scratch requires thorough planning, brainstorming and information from all ends. Depending on the nature of conference and group size, the entire planning process can easily take a couple of years. However, skills to take immediate decisions based on the available data and management’s dexterity can save you both; time and effort.

Lack of planning and management’s participation would only consume your precious time and cost whereas you may even overlook some critical factors.

5 Steps To Successful Exhibition Management & Planning

The success of exhibition management in Dubai is a result of utter professionalism, in-depth analysis and thoughtful planning. If you’re new to the industry, follow the steps outlined below for a successful start.

  1. Envision the conference

Almost every exhibition; be it grand or small begins with a vision but transforming it into real-time numbers, words and strategies is the real deal. Here, you need to consider the basics such as who, what, when, where and why which is crucial for cost measurement and taking informed decisions.

  1. Craft a business plan

Unless the exhibition is being sponsored by government or private organisation, you need to know from where the money is going to pour and where it is being used. The first thing is revenue and must be calculated at its earliest without which you won’t be able to proceed further.

Pricing an event is easier once you determine the attendees and what to offer them during the session. All of this forms up a business plan that’s a stepping stone towards success exhibition management in Dubai.

  1. Compare services & venues

The hunt for an appropriate venue starts once you’re clear with event timing and total number of participants. Do note that selecting a venue is one of the most important steps that would determine the overall success and failure of the event as well as cost of catering, equipment and furniture.

Common venues are expo centres that are particular with every city, event hotels or in-house service.Some events may ask for overnight accommodations especially for international participants so that’s another factor to decide the venue.

  1. Recruit & manage registrants

To fill every seat in the house is the winning aspect of most popular conferences which is possible only through effective marketing. The higher the participation rate, successful would be the event and it’ll also bring more revenue plus sponsorship opportunities.

Registration management can be complex if size of the event grows and this is where online tools come to the rescue. Nowadays, typical exhibition management in Dubai and many other advanced cities around the world is streamlined through the many online tools that can easily track number of participants, process transaction, organise data, send invites and all.

  1. Onsite details

After successful organisation and deployment of core conference elements, you can delve over onsite details. How attendees would navigate the exhibition, general layout, food and beverage distribution so on are considered here. The best way to harmonise all is by mingling among the participants and keep a closer eye on every detail.


The above steps ensure a successful start of exhibition management and planning that can be your career niche as well.

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