5 Steps To Finding The Right Spin and Mop Bucket

spin mop and bucket

Keeping your floors shiny and clean might not be the most exciting subject in the world. However, it adds to the appeal of your living space, prevents bad smells and makes your home feel that much more welcoming and inviting. Who wants dirt and bacteria, after all? Plus, by keeping your floors clean, you also discourage rats, cockroaches, ants and other pets from making themselves at home in your rooms.

Choosing a mop

If you want to make sure you do it right, one of the first things you’ll need to get done is find the right tools for the job since these will make the work go that much faster and easier, says Living Well Mom. One essential tool in your list is the spin mop and bucket. First, you need to:

Know your budget

Mop Reviewer suggests putting together a budget before you do anything else. How much are you willing to spend? That’s going to dictate a lot of the choices you can go for. While plenty of mops can be cheap, they might not provide you with the durability or functionality you want. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a fortune just to get a reliable spin mop and bucket. Instead, strike a balance between the two.

Shop around

Look around. Canvas several through several online shops. Check out different brands. This helps you find the best options available in your price range. Look long and hard and you might just get lucky enough to find the mop you want at a discounted rate. So never go for the first mop you find. A little patience will go a long way.

Test the size and weight

This is an excellent piece of advice to remember from Good Housekeeping. After all, the best mop won’t be able to mean a thing if you can’t use it comfortably. The more uncomfortable or harder it is to use, the less likely that you’ll find yourself putting it to good use. That’s going to be a tremendous waste of time and money for you. So before you click “buy”, check out the size and weight. Be familiar with the numbers if you don’t know what they mean. That way, even when you’re shopping online, it’ll be easy for you to tell if the mop is a good size and heft for you or not.

Don’t forget about the accessories

Some mopping systems work better when you pair them up with a different set of tools or accessories such as carpet gliders, brushes and more. So check if yours is designed the same way. You’ll be able to turn your mop and bucket system into a cleaning tool that’s even more formidable.


So don’t let your lack of the proper cleaning tools get in the way of keeping your floors free from dust, dirt and stains. Shop around until you find an excellent mopping system. By investing in these tools, keeping your floors clean is convenient and easy.

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