Starting out as a web developer is no easy task, especially with so many talented individuals out there. There are ways, however, that you can make yourself stand out from the rest and get that career you’ve dreamed of on the right track.

1. Know what you want

Having a goal to work towards is important in any professional field, but it is especially important to know exactly what you want to do within the digital sector, so that you can equip yourself with the right tools, training and experience to succeed.

For example, if you’ve noticed a gap in the market for an app, an online tool, or a new social network, then focus on exploring this idea.

2. Get up to Date on Code

Although you might not necessarily need to know code in depth to get by in your industry, having this fluency can significantly enhance what you have to offer the web development community. You can use online resources such as Code Academy to learn the languages.

5 Steps To Becoming A Web Developer

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3. Be Proactive in finding Solutions

If you encounter a problem, you need to learn to source answers for yourself. As such, getting to grips with ‘googling’ technical information can be a real help. Whilst it might sound simple, the trick is to master how and where to find this very specific information on the web.

4. Be influenced by other Websites

If you have seen a style of video, a layout of images or an effective widget on another site, try to understand how they have been created and try to simulate your own version. Although it may feel like you are copying, remember that at this early stage, you are just gaining inspiration from them and learning new skills along the way.

5. Showcase your Skills

Web development is a field that requires you to showcase your creativity and what you’re capable of producing, so ensure that you build up a good portfolio of work to display to prospective clients or employers. This may mean doing some work for free, but it will all be worth it if this helps you to secure your dream project.