For the initial startups that have a small budget, bringing your new business or the product into notice by the means of advertising seems to be a challenging and a risky task. There are no second chances if you don’t hit on the initial budget. But, there is an alternative to advertising, and that is a good Public Relations. An effective PR can bring your brand to good exposure, generate more sales, create good leads and help in creating an amazing brand.

Now the question comes how does the PR work? The article will tell you about the rules that will help you in creating an effective PR plan to help give your product a competitive edge in the market.

Rule #1 Know the Market:

The more you know about the community that will be using your product, the easier it becomes to know which media to work with. Be very stringent with the budget. Realize that there is no product that has demanded 100% share in the market, and it isn’t required either to be successful.

Rule #2 Know the Benefits of your Product in Relevance with the Market:

the features of the product are of less importance as compared to what the product will embark on the project clientele./ Remember, you are trying to sell your product, and so this story will be highlighted. Highlight the benefits of your product and let them know it by the numbers that tell that not only does your product saves time but also money.

Rule #3 Give your Product a Unique Look:

Out of everything else, the most important task is to tell the consumers that your product is n-number of times better, effective clean and cost-effective than other available on the market. These benefits and specifications will help in giving the media the evidence that feature the importance of your product than the others.  

Rule #4 Target the Media used by your Target Market:

Look in for the media outlets that your target market views likes to listen or reads. You may find the programs or journals for the area you are targeting. If is is not exact you might have to research to know what is most read or seen by your target audience. There are many publications available that can provide the relevant information about the key editors

Rule #5 Take a follow-up:

Taking a follow-up is as important as tracking the right information. This gives an idea of how serious are you about creating an effective image of your brand. If you promised a contact that you will be giving him/her a call, do so and confirm whether or not have they received the information you sent to them and also ask them if they will need more or not.