Gun owners are viewed as individuals that are proud of their country, their property, and their household. These family-oriented folks own guns to protect those things they love – if they need to. Because the firearms are such a large investment, safe storage of each item can be critical to prolonging its life and protecting it from damage. If you are a gun owner, here are five reasons you need a gun safe.

Burglary Prevention

The first reason most people think of before they consider a safe purchase is theft or burglary prevention. It is true, the strong sides can deter intruders from taking your weapons or any of the accessories you have in your possession. If you have several firearms, consider purchasing a large floor safe such as the Rhino gun safe with a secure locking system that prevents an intruder from walking away with the whole container.

Children’s Safety

As more children secure guns, or use them and unwittingly harm another individual, states are creating laws such as the Child Access Prevention Law that stresses the use of preventative measures in keeping guns out of children’s hands. Currently, there is no federal child safety law but breaking a state law may mean facing negligent and criminal liability sentences if a child accesses your firearm.

Fire Protection

Home fires are becoming more prevalent as houses are built closer together than ever before. Fires can start from a fireplace ember, a lightning strike, or even by design. No matter the reason, when a blaze attacks your property, make sure your guns are safely tucked away in a fireproof safe that can securely protect your investment.

Valuable Protection

Guns are not the only items you can keep safely stored inside a gun safe. Jewelry, stocks, cash, bonds, and important papers can also be protected by securing them inside a thick-walled container safe. Many safe owners proudly admit that their grandmother’s bible, including the family history, is protected inside their safe. If you have valuable gold or silver bars, the safe is a good place to store it away.

Insurance Compliance

Many insurance companies require guns to be stored in a container that fully conceals them. Some companies ever offer small discounts when the firearms are placed inside a certified safe. Additionally, if you give the agency the safe certificate number, they can often help with loss recovery more quickly if something is taken.

You made an investment in your future when you purchased your firearms. Make sure you take steps to protect that investment from theft, fire, and children’s little hands. A gun safe can help keep everything you put inside the box secure – and help keep you worry free.