Nursing can be a challenging career route to take and requires someone who is strong, benevolent and passionate about maintaining the health and well-being of a population.  But it is also one of the few careers that can be rewarding both emotionally and practically.

If you feel you’ve got the right characteristics and want a career which makes you feel like you’ve made a difference to people’s lives every day, then a career in nursing might just be the perfect fit.  With a predicted 16% growth in employment for registered nurses throughout the decade, now is a better time than any to sign up to a nurse practitioner doctorate degree.  Here are five more reasons it’s worth considering this career route.

1. Make a Difference to Someone’s Life

Nursing is a versatile profession and there are varied ways to make a difference. Teaching patients more about their illness will provide them with a better understanding to help them cope.  Showing genuine compassion and developing rapport with patients can significantly improve their mental health whilst they are in hospital.  Many people claim that the nursing staff are the reason they got better, not only due to the practical help but also because of the support and care they displayed to the patient.

2. Opportunities for Personal Growth

Nursing is a profession in which you are constantly learning both academically and personally.  In order to be the best in this industry you need to understand yourself and learn how to be truly empathic and compassionate towards others.  Gaining these skills and knowledge can benefit you in your personal life as well as your career.

3. An Evolving Industry

There are constant changes and advances in medicine and technology which creates challenges for healthcare professionals but can also offer new opportunities for nurses.  Nursing informatics is a relatively new field which incorporates knowledge of patient care with the latest technologies, enabling nurses to more effectively care for patients in medical facilities.  If you’re contemplating studying an online doctoral nursing program then the chances are you’re more than happy traversing the land of technology so this career route might be perfect for you.

4. Flexible Working

Most employers are keen to offer employees flexible working patterns tailored to an individual’s needs and requirements because it is key to building a happy workforce and working environment.  It also helps the individual to achieve a successful work-life balance or meet the demands of being a working parent.

5. A Good Salary

Nursing salaries can depend on many factors such as hours, environment and travel. Your level of education can also influence how much you earn so progressing from a BSN to a DNP executive leadership program could be a good career choice.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual salary for registered nurses was $67,490 in 2015 with the top 10% earning more than $101,630.

Nurses are advocates in their field by educating and helping others strive for a better quality of life.  It is a rewarding career and one that offers many exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.