Social media has taken over our lives and it is important to use it for positive reasons. LinkedIn is one of those platforms one uses to advance and connect with influencers in your industry. It is also a place to find jobs and having a profile can result in you being head hunted. Even if it seems premature to get a profile on LinkedIn before graduating, it is the right time.

At some point in your life you are going to need to find employment. Building crucial relationships is part of the process. You can also find help with linkedin profile online if needed, but it is relatively self-explanatory. Finding the motivation to get it done can be in the benefits of doing something. Here are the 5 biggest reasons you should use to consider creating a LinkedIn profile early.

1. Lasting Friendships

You might want to go to other social media platforms to find friends, but consider LinkedIn. The reason why this is a good idea is that you will find friends who are focused on building a solid future. If someone who is around your age is also on LinkedIn, you can be assured that you will have a friend for a long time. You can grow throughout your careers together and keep each other motivated.

2. Discussions

There are a lot of discussions happening on LinkedIn. You do not have to be an industry expert to partake in these conversations. Find a LinkedIn optimization service so that you set up your profile correctly. This will help you find people you want to be in discussion with. Use this opportunity to shine and give your view on situations. You never know who is going to see your discussions. Impressing people in this manner is an easy task.

3. Recommendations

Internships are important to get recommendation letters. You can find great connections on this platform. Use these connections to help you find part-time jobs and ask for endorsements if possible. Consider doing some volunteer work, even if it is for the sake getting recommendation letters. At the end of the day it will be worth the trouble. These letters are going to come in very handy when you start applying for jobs.

4. Impress Recruiters

Being on LinkedIn is a sign that you are serious about your future. This is a sure way to impress not only recruiters, but influencers as well as employers. Make sure to be active on the platform and not just leave your profile to go stale. Using the linkedin profile optimization feature will help you personalise your profile. Having a personalised profile is going to help people in your industry find you. It does take time to build relationships online, but this platform’s goal is simple and thus it takes less time.

5. Connections

Sometimes the friends we make on LinkedIn can turn into connections. You never know who you meet online and where they will end up. It might be in a powerful position that opens doors for you. You also want to make connections with as many people in your industry that you can. Even if you don’t know what industry you want to work in one day, have at least a few in mind. You want to come across confident to attract even more connections to network with.