Many of us go through the unpleasant experience finding our car’s windshield cracked for no obvious reason. Windshields are manufactured by attaching two sheets of glass together with a layer of poly-vinyl butyral in between. This makes the glass strong and hard to break.

If you find a crack or chip on the windshield, there has to be a significant reason behind it. Other than the obvious causes like getting hit by debris or stones, there are several not-so-obvious circumstances which will result in a crack or dent on the windshield. Although it is important to know the cause behind the crack, what is more important is the measure that should be taken. Get the windshield repaired or pay the car windshield price and get it replaced.

1. Improper installation of the windshield

The integrity of the car depends on its various components and the windshield is an important one. For the installation of a windshield, the service providers employ professionals for perfect installation. Unfortunately, some service cannot provide a precise installation. Consequently, the windshield will vibrate which often results in crack formation.

2. Change in temperature

Change in temperature make the glass, like any other solid, to contract or expand. During the hot summer afternoons, when people use the air conditioner, the temperature inside the car suddenly drops. Similarly, during chilly winter mornings, when people use the defroster, the temperature inside the car suddenly rises. This inevitable contraction and expansion of the glass cause it to crack eventually.

3. Pressure changes

In this context, the pressure change does not mean barometric changes. The change in pressure can be due to a change in the altitude. When moving from low to high altitude or from high to low altitude the pressure change puts stress on the glass which may cause it to crack. Placing any heavy objects on the windshield of the car may also create enough stress on the windshield to crack.

4. Hail storms

Hail storms are not a very common but not unheard of either. When hail, the size of small stones, falls from high altitudes, it generates enough force to break the windshield of car. They can grow as big as golf balls and have the strength to completely shatter the windshield of your car.

5. Defective glass

There are very few incidents where the installed glass turns out to be defective. It may not be obvious to the owner but any service provider can differentiate between them. The quality of the glass should never be compromised, and if found defective, you should demand for anther BMW, Mercedes or Audi auto glass replacement for your own safety.