Nearly everyone is looking for a little more spontaneity, creativity and excitement in their lives. The more obscure, lesser-known holidays you can find to brighten your days with the better! You only live once, so have your cake and eat it too. National Chocolate Cake Day is January 27, and there is no better time to fire up your oven and dust off that cocoa powder. Included here are a few of the reasons you and your loved ones should take a moment to commemorate this day.


This holiday takes place at the end of January. You are smack in the middle of the cold, drab winter blahs. What better way to improve morale than by baking a chocolate cake? And with the excuse of a holiday, no one can guilt you about stuffing yourself with chocolate cake without first losing the holiday weight. This is a great way to warm up your home and brighten your winter.

Universally Appealing

Few foods demand the kind of cult-like following that chocolate has. This is a food renowned by people internationally. Used in many kinds of cooking and beverage preparations, it is a great way to break down barriers and get to know others; very few people would refuse to come over for a warm slice of chocolate cake.

5 Reasons To Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day


Scent is closely tied to your sense of memory. The aroma wafting from a baking chocolate cake in the oven may throw you back to your grandmother’s house as a child or to holiday suppers spent with the family. If you have children of your own, keep in mind that you are tying memories to the scent of chocolate cake for them as well. They may someday grow up to bake chocolate cakes to stave off their own mid-winter blahs!


Maybe you are trying to work up the energy to hit the slopes again or build that monster snowman? What better sugar-hyped, caffeinated boost do you need than a large slice of cake? You will be buoyed with carbs and ready to face any bone-chilling winter adventure after you bake a chocolate cake.


There are innumerable ways to bake a chocolate cake. You can integrate mayonnaise or zucchini, go sugar-free or flourless, and use a variety of toppings. Many college students have become so inventive as to create miniature, single-serve, coffee mug chocolate cakes that can be baked in a microwave. If you want something classier, try a multi-layer chocolate cake with dark and milk chocolates, and top it with a mint cream. No matter how you choose to celebrate, you will have choices and chocolate, and that is a win any way you slice it.