5 Powerful Reasons You Should Digitally Print Your Fabric

5 Powerful Reasons You Should Digitally Print Your Fabric

When it comes to designing your own textiles according to your requirements, it is necessary to find an effective method as your time and efforts are at stake. Digital fabric printing is a new technology with endless benefits and is highly recommended nowadays. Digital options are best for presenting prints, which is quite popular nowadays. Digital fabric printing is rapidly replacing the old methods in different branches of the traditional graphics industry.

Digital fabric Printing can get you many benefits. Here is a list of five strong reasons to choose digital fabric print for your fabrics:

  1. Cost – Effective

 Decor designer fabric and digital printing are highly affordable. It uses comparatively less space that of the traditional rotary screen printing technology. You can get as many prints as you want, something which is impossible with the conventional printing method. These factors keep the expenses low and you can get digital printing done at an affordable price.

  1. Low Power and Water Consumption

Of Course, you would feel proud for contributing towards preserving the environment. Digital textile fabric involves less power and water consumption as compared to traditional printing. It also consumes less ink and reduces environmental wastage, when compared to conventional rotary screen printing process. The ink used in digital printing is also 100%  child-friendly and biodegradable. Moreover, digital printing process offers you a much eco-friendly process.

  1. More Variety

With this digital printing technology, you can print a wide range of images, graphics, designs and unlimited choices of color. This technology increases the choices available to your fashion and interior planners. Photorealistic pictures are easily available and there is no limitation on the number of sizes. So if you like a design in a photo, you can rest assure that the print and color would be 100% same when the fabric is ready.

  1. Print Flexibility

This is one of the greatest advantages of Digital Printing Technology. Printing stores using both screen or the digital printing method can pick up to print small quantity designs with various color combinations, with their digital fabric printing technology to test in the marketplace. Later on, they can go to print more designs with suitable color combinations through the rotary screen printing process.

  1. Quick Printing Advantage

Since digital fabric printing technology allows repeat or changes pictures with just a quick click. It efficiently produces quality designs as fast as possible without even changing the screen.

So, these were some of the reasons why you should digitally print your fabric. If you are still confused between digital fabric printing and rotary screen printing, compare the qualities and prices of images and designs.  

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