5 Places You Should Fly To, This Summers

Summer vacations are just around the corner and people have already started planning for a family vacation. We understand your feelings; you are already tired of the heat, and want cold beaches to come to your rescue. You have imagined a summer holiday but can’t put a finger on a place which not only gives you a surreal view but also fits your budget. Considering the weather in the country, we can imagine you will want to visit a cold place, or maybe explore some beaches where you can dive into the cold water. If you want to save some money, then we recommend you to book your flights now, to avail some cheap flights deals. In order ease things a little bit for you, we have researched the internet, and have tracked and predicted airfare, for all the popular holiday destinations. We have listed the best vacation hub you can’t miss to visit this summer. Here is a list of five places which will satisfy the wanderlust in you, and also offer cheap flights.

  1. Thailand

Are you tired of eating Thai food in India? I guess it’s time to visit the place now, and taste the true, authentic recipes. This is probably the most popular, pocket friendly place to visit this summer. You will find this place crowded with fellow Indians, who are ready to get indulged into the water rides offered here. They offer cheap flights along with cheap stay options as well. You can buy latest fashion, with high quality at a nominal price. Several Indians visit the place, just for the markets over here. The country is filled with exquisite beauty to explore. Explore the beaches, temples and national parks in Thailand, along with exploring its culture. It is impossible to discover the whole country within a week, so we recommend you visit popular regions around the place. This brings us to our next destination in the list which is a populous capital of Thailand.

  1. Bangkok

It is a paradise for shopaholics in Thailand. It is known for its variety of food, especially its street food. Another popular thing that you can’t afford to miss in Bangkok, is the performance given by Lady Boy’s here, who are basically cross dressers (men dressed as women). You will be amazed by their beauty and dance, it is almost impossible for you to believe they are actually men dressed as women. It is considered one of the cheapest and most preferred destinations, amongst Indians. Bangkok offers cheap flights from India. You can plan a trip here, within Rs. 30,000.

  1. Maldives

Maldives is a popular honeymoon spot for newlyweds in India. The place consists of numerous islands, surrounded by cold water. This place will definitely provide you relief from the ongoing heat beck home, which inspired you to plan a holiday in the first place. It is an international location, which teams up with India, offering cheap flights and relatively nominal accommodations. Thanks to Wide Ocean, the place is well known for its water rides and sports. You can use this time to connect with the nature, go fishing, swimming, surfing and more. The place is a paradise for you if you are a sea food lover. In order to get a complete experience of the destination, you can switch the luxury with local.

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Unlike the now populated and overcrowded beaches of Goa, this exotic island destination, surrounded by white sand and clear water, is the new go to beach destination for Indians. Andaman and Nicobar islands will fulfill all your requirements of foreign locations. Be it beautiful beaches or its exquisite sea food or the adventurous ride. Its surreal landscapes make it one of the most beautiful tourist destination as well as holiday spot for Indians. October to April is the best time to visit the place, and we recommend you book our ticket now, to avail cheap flights for your family. You can experience scuba-diving and snorkeling or just sit back and relax with the view of the beach.

  1. Nepal

Who doesn’t want to see ice, instead of the hot summer in India? Our neighbor Nepal is probably the best option to explore, in order to experience some ice in the early summers of India. Nepal is surrounded by the Himalayan range, which pretty much keeps the country cold in every season. You will be mesmerized by its raw rugged beauty, which is indescribable. It is mainly popular for trekking, which will surely give you an adventurous thrill. You can explore quite a lot of local sites, during your treks. The best part about visiting Nepal is, Indian’s don’t need a passport to travel through Nepal. It is one of the cheapest holiday destinations, which offers cheap flights and budget friendly shopping and staying options. Nepal’s currency is almost half of Indian rupee, which means you, can spend almost double in Nepal, depending on your budget.


Planning a holiday is a hectic task, which involves a lot of research, thought and budget planning. One often considers holiday as a relaxation period, but can easily turn into a stress if not arranged and planned right. Looking the increasing heat in India, we have listed a few places you can visit to beat this summer heat. Beaches and iced top mountains are popular destinations for people looking for places to spend summer vacations. Keeping that in mind we have listed the above destinations which offer cheap flights and can be explored within a nominal budget, without over stressing. Be it the beautiful scenic beauty of Nepal, or the wildlife of Maldives, these places will surely amaze you with their natural beauty. Exploring Thailand and its capital Bangkok will give you a taste of fine luxuries and also fulfill your inexpensive shopping dreams. You can also save some money, contributing to Indian Tourism, by visiting Indian Beach house Island of Andaman and Nicobar.

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