5 Of The Best Marketing Blogs To Follow

Which email marketing blog should you follow if you want to make a success of your newsletter? Here are some of the most important blogs that are currently available online.

  1. Email Marketing Blog

The blog is packed full of informative email marketing tips that will help you maximise the success of your newsletter. You will learn how to design your newsletter, choose the right tools, and optimise your marketing around big events like Black Friday and Halloween. The blog also shares countless other tips all designed numerous others to increase your success rate.


The blog provides an extremely informative guide for marketing professionals. Although it covers many subjects, there are specialist sections on email marketing strategy and creating content. In addition, readers can gain access to podcasts, seminars, tutorials, guides and reports that will provide them with essential information to aid their marketing efforts.

  1. Smart Insights

The Smart Insights blog provides detailed information on how to develop a digital strategy as well as posts on the latest trends and tools that can help you to develop the best content.

As well as learning about email strategy, you will also have access to courses, email marketing best practice guides and free templates.


On Matthew Barby’s blog, you’ll find many informative articles on how to increase your productivity, improve SEO, effectively build your email list and record data to monitor the success of your campaigns.

  1. Marketing Sherpa

The blog covers a broad range of topics relating to the e mail marketing sector as well as marketing in general. Your find plenty advice on customer testing, mobile marketing, inbound marketing and how to increase your sales and profile.

The blog posts are divided into categories so you can find the niche that is of most interest to you. Marketing Sherpa also has a number of newsletters you can sign up to, including one that is dedicated to email marketing.

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