As Paul Hawken once quoted, “Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” Human resources deal with the management of people and their related issues such as hiring, training, pay and performance management.


In the current scenario, the competition is really high with a lot of companies emerging on daily basis. Hence it is crucial to free time from time-consuming tasks like HR queries & management, a Human Resource software is the best solution adopted by many companies. Without a highly centralized server to keep track of various employee data, the organization would be a mess and the system in doldrums whenever any crucial information is missing. Such a situation can be avoided with right HR Software.

So what is a Human Resource software? It combines a bunch of essential HR functions starting with storing of employee data and recruitment process details to keeping track all the attendance records. It also acts payroll software, managing salaries, and benefits of the employees. To sum it up, it combines Human Resources as a discipline with Information Technology, thereby ensuring quick access and smooth day to day activities.


The trend of HR software started back in the 1970s, with the aim of automating payrolls and managing the workforce. But recently it has turned out to be one of its kind management system with the data being incorporated in real time by clients into the mainframe or cloud-based servers to be accessible at any given point of time. Not only has it helped in maintaining employee records, but also has paved the path for a better business growth of an organization by incorporating activities like:

  1. Administration
  2. managing payroll
  3. HR planning
  4. Performance record
  5. Analytics, i.e., the market performance
  6. Grievance handling


Below are some of the best in class HR software that will aid in boosting the business and growth of a company on any given day.


It is one of the most featured best payroll software as per numerous websites. It is because this software combines its services in a streamlined format to be used for various sized companies. 2004, APS (Automatic Payroll Services, Inc.) has a cloud-based solution for human capital management.

APS has a sophisticated yet flexible set of tools aimed at managing HR, payroll and attendance management. It has a centralized database where the data once entered can be used across all available modules, thereby reducing the time consumed. APS leaves an electronic audit trail for every data change thus eliminating time-consuming paperwork and speeding up the process. With advanced and highly customizable reporting tools, APS helps the HR personnel focus on strategic activities. Like all other payroll software, APS can also be accessed from any smartphone or tablet from any location. They have a dedicated mobile time clock, ClockZonesTM which uses GPS to track the employees.

APS also comes with additional features like Hire for an applicant (deals with the fundamental hiring processes such as application review and background check) and online performance reviews; thereby providing a unified solution from hire to retire. APS is flexible with various system integrations through its EIP and can be seen up and running within a short timeframe. APS is seemingly fit for small and mid-sized organizations. APS connects the clients each with a dedicated account manager with prior experience. APS can be seen up and running at various restaurants, healthcare facilities, supply companies, as well as churches and non-profits.

Success stories and case studies speak volumes about the success of APS. According to a case study, the Columbian Southern University Graduates saved over $200,000 the first year by making a switch to APS. They could even access their payroll systems with ease, even on a smartphone, receive a call or text with a question and access the system and quickly respond from anywhere on the globe which saved them quite a lot of time. The whole article is available at – Featured Customers


Workforce Ready by Kronos is one of the best hr software available in the current business sector. It is the platform which combines workforce management with capital management, thus making it entirely suitable to suit any business. It is also a cloud-based software that deals with recruiting, performance management, and compensation planning and absence management. It also keeps track of the payroll of employees and has a lot many advanced features integrated into it.

All the employee records are maintained in a single database thereby, enabling it to share it across multiple platforms. It comes with a unique and straightforward interface to pull reports and launch workflows throughout the organization. It’s easy to take accurate decisions because real-time data is available due to regular and quick updates. It can also be accessed via a smartphone through its mobile application.

Being a cloud-based Human resource software, Workforce ready offers myriad benefits to its users with the likes of:

  • HR process automation – An automated process provides an HR with more opportunity to engage workers and boost employee productivity.
  • Self-Service Features – As this software has been designed for both workers and managers, it helps get rid of constant supervision, thereby allowing the staff a certain degree of freedom in doing their part for the company.
  • Support for web-based devices – This software does not require complicated installation procedures as do the others. Implementation starts within 30-60 days, and there is support for mobile devices running on Android and iOS as well. This functionality makes it easy to access and saves valuable time.

Just like every product shows its worth from its success, Kronos does too. Among its proud customers is the DHL supply chain India, who has improved its operational efficiencies with this software. Croma uses it to help store managers quickly identify employee absenteeism and re-deploying employees to boost productivity and provide a better customer experience. : – Kronos


It is one of the best HR software that works for recruiting teams of both public and private industries. It has a dedicated Talent Alignment Platform that connects hiring a new employee, their onboarding and performance management. A unique Applicant Tracking System has requisition templates and bulk e-mails. It also has advanced corporate site integration, social sharing tools, referral management and the best of all – one click background check.

The automated reporting not only ensures client to maintain full compliance but also provides over 100 additional reports that keep track of everything starting from hiring personnel, manager interview rates and cost per hire. It also has extra features for developing free custom reporting. With an electronic hiring process on-board, the process just seems more comfortable than ever along with the integration of the latest I-9 and E-verify to manage internal tasks and approve offer letters.

A dedicated performance management system allows for round-the-clock standard checking and review system with the option for automated e-mails and reporting. The software primarily focuses on a better customer support. It also comes equipped with a dedicated customer support personnel with unlimited support and consulting services.

It is an end-to-end recruitment and HR platform with award-winning features set around core talent management solutions.

The Clear company has tasted success everywhere starting from educational organizations to retail and manufacturing. According to the HR director of West Music Company, the setup was quick and comfortable and easy to use with top-notch reporting features. Clients could be easily approached, and the training classes available were just great.

The full list of clients and their success stories are available at – ClearCompany


Sage is one of the best payroll software available on a web-based platform. It is aimed at small and mid-sized companies and also for some small-scale industries.

Assuming a small company with just ten employees and 5- 6 departments, Payroll Essentials provides an excellent platform. Like any other payroll software, it can also be accessed from a web browser or mobile device.

This software offers great many payment options such as direct deposit, play cards or even company generated checks. A standard of twenty-six reports is created on this system.

But for a company with more than ten employees, Sage Payroll Full Service is what’s required. It has all the features of the essential service with add-ons like report-writer tool, GL export capability, delivered checks and a payroll expert support. However, both this software can easily be integrated with the Sage 50, Sage 100 systems and Quickbooks. The software could also be put to use along with the attendance software to track overtime and tardiness.

Some of the best features are:

  • Flexible solutions to meet business needs
  • Up-to-date with the latest security
  • Automatically calculates tax deductions
  • Generates pay slips for employees
  • Low cost

According to a case study of Airstream Europe Ltd, Tebay, Cumbria, their reaction to their product was pretty good. The product helped them maintain the financial side of the business better. Also, it was easy to setup and use. The product produced accurate financial reports every month, automatically calculated VAT returns and was able to share data electronically, which saved time. The main benefit was it produced automatic and accurate VAT returns both at month and year-end which helped them keep track of their cash flow.

The complete case study can be found at – HBP-group

Made by Benefitmall, PayFocus is an online payroll software. It has a unique ability to give businesses compliant tax processing support and ability to manage HR tasks as well. It offers a wide range of options such as personnel tracking and on-boarding.

A cloud-based software, the payroll functions can be remotely accessed by the administrators who ensure on-time payment of employees. The software lets users import their time clock files. It has an employee service portal where one can view and download their personal data, paystubs and additional information stored.

Some of the crucial features of the software include report writing, new-hire report, direct deposit capabilities and manual check writing. There is also provision for employers to track benefit accruals and for the employees to view their compensation information; all through an employee self-service portal.

Some of the great functionalities of the system include goal management, compensation management and attendance system and the associated scheduling of employees. The product can run on both Mac and Windows and works with smaller companies of almost all major industries and can even be integrated into other internal systems and associated with other third-party software as well.

This software mainly focuses on accurate and compliant tax processing, personal support and also lends a hand in managing HR tasks. With an up-to-date software and database available every time one accesses its servers and being fully compliant with all the tax norms, one can easily trust this software to take care of all the payroll duties. Also, a dedicated helpline number is available for every client with their scheduled manager.

PayFocus offers three types of services:

  1. PayFocus Full Service + HR
  2. PayFocus + HR
  3. PayFocus Pro + HR

According to the various customers of the service, it is one of the highest rated payroll software available. Especially their customer service has often been praised. The payroll processing and taxes have been made easy for World care, a small non-profit organization from Arizona and the direct phone line with the account representative saves their valuable time.

To learn more about customer feedbacks: – Employers Benefitmall


HR Payroll software have paved the path for a more significant benefit of the company. With time it has been seen to influence company growth both globally and financially. Although a software might provide a great deal of help in completing a task, at the end of the day, it all depends on the user. The primary objective of the software is to assist the HR manager. It’s up to the HR personnel to properly use the software and use its best features to complete advantage and get a complete value for money.

(An increasing trend in business with time on using HR software)

“When you think of incorporating HR Software Solutions to your business you automatically draw in the benefits of managing your people better and efficiently. The better we keep them engaged the better resourced we are. The future of HR management looks promising by carefully reaping the benefits of People Analytics. People Analytics helps you make more informed, smarter and strategic decisions.”

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