Okay, so you’ve completed your internship and now you want to go into private practice. Well be prepared for a lengthy process. Opening a medical practice in no picnic. It requires a lot of hard work, attention and detail. The question is, are you really ready to proceed. Not everyone is cracked up to run a medical practice. But if you are, there are some steps you must follow if you want to be successful. You should already have a blueprint in place of what you want. This isn’t something that can be done on the fly.

Pro Formas And Financing

Already have pro forma in place. A pro forma is a condensed business plan that outlines projections, expenses, debts and revenues. Look for good, solid financing. Bankers are a good source for steering you in the right direction. Three years of solid data will make all the difference in the world. And pay close attention to bank loans. Remember that you already have debts with student loans, so you don’t want to have more debt than you can handle.

Purchasing Equipment And Hiring Staff

Once you have a line of credit, you will need software to ensure your records are safe and secure, a medical billing system, medical transcription software, medical background check services and credit card processor. You will also need to hire an office manager with years of experience to show you the ropes.

Getting Ready For Opening

Make sure your tax and incorporation info is ready. Also take care of credentialing, medical insurance and the establishment of policies and procedures. All of these items are essential to keep your business running smoothly and avoiding bothersome issues that may arise in the future.

Opening Your Doors and Evaluating Performance

Now that your door is open, you’re on your way. This is the time to take it slow and be very careful about what you do. Now that you’ve made it, don’t do anything to unintentionally rock the boat. Consider hiring a professional to do reviews of your company. This way, a fresh set of eyes can give everything a once over.

Other Things To Be Mindful Of

Marketing is a big part of your business. If done correctly, it can make your business boom. Make sure everything is in place from a construction standpoint. You don’t want any mishaps after you open. Have an attorney on standby. They can go over your paperwork and see to it that every I is dotted and T is crossed.