Have you ever been to Birmingham, Alabama? I tell you what there are actually 5 must-visit historic landmarks in Birmingham.

If you want to know what these places are, keep reading.

Vulcan Park

  1. Vulcan Park And Museum: This is the best place with neat and clean history for you to visit because this place won’t occupy your all day. Although the museum is small but designed well. The park portion is also beautifully maintained. If you visit there then I recommend you to visit the super cute gift shop, you will find so many amazing gifts out there for your loved ones. The best thing about this place is you will get the reasonable admission price.

I Ain't Afraid Of Your Jail 2

  1. Kelly Ingram Park: This park was formerly known as West Park but now people call it as Kelly Ingram Park. This park is located near the city Centre. If you visit there you will find a fantastic park with a lot of historical facts and statues. The most precious thing I love about this place is grounds were clean and well maintained. If you are going to visit this place then I recommend you to go in the daytime or with a group because this place is a little bit sketchy because there are some homeless people who may harass you.

birmingham civil rights institute

  1. Civil Rights District: Civil Rights District is situated in Alabama, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960 took place here. You will find there great and impressive sculptures which are related to civil rights movement and riot. If you are going to visit there then you don’t need to with any group because this place isn’t like Kelly Ingram Park, there’s police which appears to patrol the area quite well. In this street, you will find a lot of information about civil rights movement at each corner.

Smoke stacks @ Sloss Furnace

  1. Sloss Furnaces: This place is known as the national historic landmark of Birmingham. This place is amazing because there are too many fun places for kids, adults, and especially for photographers. You don’t have to pay any price to visit this place, this place is absolutely free. The most crucial thing you should know before visiting there is to check closure dates on Slossfurnances.com. Take some cash with you because you will find some amazing gifts at the gift shop at a reasonable insane price.

Carver theatre, Birmingham, Al.

  1. Carver Theatre: This place was formally known as Carver Performing Arts Center, which was formed in 1935. This theatre is one of the most under used theatre in Birmingham. If you visit there once then I recommend you to listen to jazz music there. You will find so many amazing artists out there.

If you are keen to know about the history and the past, then I would like to recommend you to visit all the above places once in your life. The most amazing thing about all these places that I haven’t tell you yet is you can hire a car even if you are a young driver. There is a lot of under 25 car rentals in USA at very affordable and cheap price. Still, if you don’t have that much time to visit all of these places you can only visit Vulcan park and museum because it will not occupy your all day and there’s a lot to learn from there.