5 Must Know Webcontent Writing Tips For Beginners

5 Must Know Webcontent Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing a quality website content is one of the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face when they want to gain more profit through content marketing. Research done indicates that more than 78% of Business to Business (B2B) content marketers grapple with finding trustable webcontent writing service while actualizing their content marketing strategy.

Most website content writing tips will merely tell you how to write good article content. But this isn’t enough for you to succeed in these waters. Great content writing also demands that you understand your audience well-identify with their problems and aspirations- before you even start writing the content.

Having said that, here are the top 5 key things that you should do to get your content to sell.

  1. Do a good keyword research for SEO

It’s generally not recommended to write a keyword-rich post, although this does not mean that you should ignore this. Renowned webcontent writing service providers mostly write keyword-rich posts to boost your traffic. A good content writer will know how to optimize an article for certain keywords without stuffing. Stuffing keywords is dangerous as it may impact on the content readability, reduce conversion rates and also reduce the ranking of the post on SERPs. On top of this, search engines may track you and pull your site down.

  1. Make good use of references and hyperlinks

It’s not only courteous of you to hyperlink back a site that you have used as a reference on your post; but it can also help you in getting backlinks. Content marketing is all about supporting each other; you can’t go far when going it alone. When another website sees that you make efforts in putting links for them, they will most probably thank you by doing the same for you. So this is really a win-win scenario.

  1. Write an attention-grabbing headline

Sometimes all you need for your content to go viral is just to make an attention-grabbing headline and then to write the article in a way that it captures reader’s emotions. Actually, research has shown that if you want your content to be widely shared by users on social media, simply create content that makes the reader happy. Your post should give the reader a vivid image right from the topic to the conclusion.

  1. Make your content action-packed

Most people know that a good web content should avoid passive voice. But do you really know what passive voice means? Passive voice occurs when you switch the object and subject in a sentence. Look at the sentence “the dog attacks the kids” and “the kids are attacked by the dog”. You have probably noticed that the second sentence is less dramatic; it’s the passive voice. To keep the action in your content, you should keep to a subject, verb, and object structure by filling your post with unique and exciting verbs. Use “competitive edge” instead of “competition”. This looks like a small change but the impact can be ravishing. Although this won’t add to your word count, your content will be more exciting and engaging to your readers.

  1. Don’t call a banana a long yellow fruit

Ever heard of the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease score? This is a tool that can crawl through your content and rate it based on the level of vocabulary and readability. Unless your niche is naturally technical, say engineering and medicine, you should aim for an article in the reading level of a middle school pupil or even lower. Cut down on complex and long sentences and use simpler word choices. This will ensure that your tone is more clear and relatable and that even readers who speak English as a second language can enjoy the content.

Source: Killer Content Writers

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