5 Must-Haves For Your Dental Practice Website

A happy website leads to happy customers. When it comes to the website for your Dental practice, there are several things you can do to increase efficiency and success. Today clients have a lot of choice about where to take their dental business, and one of the main ways these people make these decisions is through online research. This means you need your website to stand out from the rest.

Here are five things your website needs to increase success:

1. Original Fresh, keyword based, Text

One of the most common ways to conduct research online is through a search engine. Search Engines, such as Google, tend to favor sites that have original text that is relatively fresh. This means that you need to update your site with some regularity, and you’ll need to add original content.

This content can take a lot of different forms. Some sites opt to include a blog in their site. Others update with office events, or special sales. Ideally your text will incorporate some keywords. Keywords are terms that customers looking for your services type into the search engine directly. By working these keywords into your text, you are more likely to drive more traffic onto your site. This in turn will increase your customers and ultimately your revenue.

2. Live Text

Live text is the most valuable type of text to put on your website. Live text refers to text which you can highlight. Whatever words you can highlight on your site are the words that search engines can read and index. In other words, highlightable words are the ones which will help drive traffic to your site. If you cannot highlight the words, then search engines understand this text as part of an image and cannot use this information to connect people to your site.

3. Contact Form

Although most dental practices have an email available on their website, you are more likely to get customer contacts by adding a contact for to your site. This portion of your site will give potential customers another, incredibly easy to use, method to ask their questions or voice their concerns. Given that many people today are using the telephone less and less, this may actually contribute to the comfort of your customers’ experience.

Many dental practicies, do not have such a form while sites such as,, have successfully incorporated a contact form. This portion of the site allows the visitor to directly submit their message through the site.

4. Procedure Overviews

Many people feel nervous about getting dental work completed. One of the ways you can help your potential customers feel more at ease is to provide an overview of some of the more common procedures. This can make your visitors feel armed with knowledge. This is likely to make them more inclined to bring their business to your dental practice.

In addition to detailing some of the most common procedures, you can also make a list of all the procedures offered by your office. Some customers are looking to go to an office which offers the most complete set of work. This list can function as both a tool for advertising, but also for a method to increase office efficiency. When clients have questions about procedures or the techniques which the practice utilizes, the staff can refer them to the website for further information.

5. Dental Tips

A healthy mouth doesn’t start and stop in the dentist office. People need to tend to their dental hygiene everyday. You can do a service to your customers, and potential customers, by providing some general care information.

These tips need not be incredibly rare information, but can provide useful facts on proper dental care. Offering this sort of information allows your clients to refer to this information and may encourage potential customers to bring their business to you. It will demonstrate your knowledge and ability to those who have not yet stepped into your office.

Your dental practice website is an important part of your business. Many customer decisions are determined through interacting with your site, so be sure you are doing everything you can to improve their online experience.

Louise Williams has been studying the art of web design, and knows what makes a website fully functional for it’s staff and clients.

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