The clean and beautiful beaches, excellent spots for surfing, amazing theme and adventure parks, and world-class restaurants, nightclubs and live entertainment centres make the Gold Coast one of the most treasured tourist destinations in Australia. If you are planning to visit the Gold Coast for the first time, you will enjoy participating in any of the following activities.

Go to a Theme Park

The theme parks in the Gold Coast are part of the most desirable features for holiday makers coming to this destination from other parts of Australia and overseas. Theme parks provide excellent family entertainment with something for every member to look forward to because each theme park offers a unique form of entertainment. At the Gold Coast, there is a thriller for all weather conditions and age groups. From the thrilling water parks where you may play with dolphins to the huge adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and other parks where you will meet your best movie and cartoon characters face-to-face.

Take a Cruise

Gold Coast has a beautiful and well deployed canal system that allows you to move around the city via its scenic waterways. You can choose from any of the luxurious cruise ships to explore the city from the canal system or the broad water of the ocean. You will be impressed by the clear blue colour of the water on a sunny afternoon. As you take part in these cruises, you will have the opportunity to listen to highly informative commentary on the history of the city and various landmarks and monuments. If you are visiting the Gold Coast for the first time, this is one of the best ways to learn a lot about the city within a short time. On most of these canal cruises, you will also enjoy excellent feeding options at any time of the day as you move around in comfort and style. Some of the cruises even offer exciting crab-catching activities, where you can make an attempt to pick and cook your crab from the river.

Get Thrilled at an Adventure Park

Another exciting activity you can do in the Gold Coast is to go on rope courses and take a tree-top walk in any of the adventure parks. Most adventure parks are located in the national parks where rainforests and popular Australian wildlife have been carefully preserved. Within these adventure parks, you can travel on exciting zip-lines which can take you over rich foliage for 200 metres or longer. In addition, you will be able to climb rope ladders, walk on tight ropes, climb trees and walk over suspended bridges. Some of the rope courses will take you over lakes, snakes, koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles.

Visit Gold Coast’s Exciting Beaches and Surf

Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches and surf spots in Australia. Along the 57 kilometre coastline, visitors have the chance to explore the scenic, clean and refreshing beaches. Most beaches have well-defined tracks for walking, lifeguards for improved safety as well as dedicated locals who take pride in keeping these beaches clean. It will take many visits for most tourists to explore all the beaches on the Gold Coast coastline including the Surfer’s Paradise, Coolangatta, Broad Beach, Nobby Beach, Palm Beach, Main Beach, Duranbah and Currumbin.

Enjoy Delicious Cuisine and Live Entertainment

At Gold Coast’s top restaurants, you can enjoy very delicious meals, snacks and drinks at any time of the day. From sublime and black coffee to specially brewed beer and high-end food, there are enough bars, and nightclubs to satisfy your desires. There are many nice dining areas and shopping malls in the city. But you will have the greatest amount of entertainment choices when you visit the Surfer’s Paradise. Various clubs are available to provide music for different age groups including, classic rock, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop.

These are some of the fun-filled activities you can do when you visit the Gold Coast. To make the most of your trip, you should do a little more research about these activities. Book in advance so that you can enjoy lower rates and visit at a time when there will be shorter queues and less traffic to get the best value for your time and resources.