Nothing can beat a 5-star experience, which is why staying in a five-star is on everyone’s bucket list. You can’t get enough of their service, their welcoming staff, and the serene ambience that the hotel offers. With so much to do, including spas, treatments, massages, shopping and more, you can also choose to simply lounge by the pool. You can also choose to relax with a glass of wine near the BBQ-grill area.

Booking five star hotels rooms is easy and contacting the hotel directly is the best way for you to get a good deal. While most of them get sold out quickly, some might be able to offer you more than what you’re looking for.

5 Joys Of Staying At A Five Star Hotel

Here are the five joys of staying at a five-star hotel –

1. The Grandeur and Ambience

One of the main areas where we excel, at The LaLiT, is ensuring that our guests have a feeling of grandeur and opulence when they enter our hotels and resorts. Having a feeling of grandeur requires that the hotel focuses on the ambience, the energy in the place, and the interiors of the hotel as well. It’s all about the little things when staying in a five star hotel, which means that hotels focus a lot more on the minute details.

2. Concierge Service

While many travelers may not know this, the concierge service is available at your request anytime during your stay. If you need anything at all, they’re more than happy to get it for you. Their main purpose is to satisfy the needs of the guests and allow them to fully explore all the options that the hotel has to offer. They’ll even help you plan your travel and sightseeing.

3. Fine Dining

The quality, the taste, and the overall feeling to the restaurant is a lot different when staying in a five star hotel. Five-star hotels ensure that you receive the best type of food, and the highest quality of nutrition as well. Because a lot of people are traveling constantly, five-star hotels ensure that they have international chefs and multi-ingredient recipes.

4. Spa and Massage

An important feature in any five-star property, is the spa and massage facility. Most good five-star hotels have a great spa and massage feature in their property, and guests should take advantage of that early on. It’s a great way to unwind and relax.

5. In-hotel Facilities

Five-star hotels have award-winning facilities that are designed to energise the guests coming in. They have game rooms for families, gyms, swimming pools, bar and pub area, nightclubs, and shopping centers.