Apart from helping you organize your study or reading materials, your bookshelf can also change the feel and vibe of your home with just a few tweaks and refurbishing. Plus, it can help you to maximize underused wall space in your home. How? Take a look at some of these wonderful ideas on how you can make the most out of your bookshelf as home furniture.

5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Bookshelf

  1. Leaving it Empty

Did that suggestion catch your attention? Yes, you can actually leave the bookshelves empty. But this design will only work if your backdrop is striking enough to make the bookshelves stand out. For example, if you have white bookshelves, you need a wall that has a very deep and saturated color of orange or peacock blue. This will leave with a very minimalistic yet elegant design.

  1. Giving it a Personal Touch

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a little area in your home that represents your personality? Rather than stuffing your bookshelf with random objects, why not choose a theme, and start decorating your shelf with items that symbolizes your hobbies and interests. Here are some ideas that can help you get started:

–          Music – infuse your love for music into every corner of your bookshelves. You can choose one shelf for each genre to make it more organized.

–          Art – if you are into painting or photography, then create a little corner in your home where you can display your most valued works of art. Turn your bookshelf into your personal exhibit. This could even inspire you to do more artworks over time.

–          Collection – showcase your precious collections through your unused bookshelf.  You can use shells or ceramic collectibles to enliven shelving. This idea not only gives you the chance of bragging your precious collections but also adds beautiful designs to your entire home.

–          Travel – designate each shelf for a country that you have visited. Decorate the bookshelves with the maps or the collection of tickets that you used during the trip. You can also add pictures to relive every great moment that you’ve had in your adventures.

  1. Creating Symmetry

As mentioned above, you don’t necessarily have to use books to make your bookshelves look more interesting. You can create symmetry and turn your bookshelves as a centerpiece in any room in your home. Incorporate books, vases and figurines to make the bookshelves arrangement livelier.

  1. Using it as a Bar

If you have antique bookshelves, then you can turn it into a mini bar. From glasses to other bar accessories, you will surely love how you can use this idea to showcase your collection of wines. You can also add wine glass racks or bottle holders to add more details to the design.

  1. Adding Mirrors

Adding mirrors along the back of the bookshelves will do the trick to unify an eclectic book display. The mirrors will bounce the light back in to the entire room to create a simpler and more elegant look.

Now you can give your space a fresh, new vibe just by trying one of these easy and helpful tips.