5 Filmy Events In Delhi Every Movie Buff Should Attend

5 Filmy Events In Delhi Every Movie Buff Should Attend

Delhi is frequently selected to host some of the most outstanding film festivals of the country. Lately, several initiatives have come up in the national capital, which has made it a favourite choice to host any film festival of upper value. Thus, this leaves an avid movie lover with several reasons to catch some wonderful work. So, if you like to attend a screening of a critically acclaimed movie or maybe click a selfie with the stars, these film festivals are a must visit. Check for cheapest flights from Bangalore to Delhi or a train from nearby city to explore more.

National Film Awards Festival – National Film Awards are equivalent to the Oscars in India. The management of the National Film Festival was formed in 1954 under the supervision of the Directorate of Film Festivals. The winners are declared under the various classifications like best feature films, best non-feature films, best writing for a film, etc.. The victor of lifetime achievement award are honoured with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award. The National Film Awards recognises films of distinct cultures and areas of the country and highlights the most excellent works. Every year the festival is observed at the Vigyan Bhawan on the Maulana Azad Road near India Gate.

Delhi International Film Festival – The Delhi International Film Festival is a grand showcase of world movies in Delhi. This occasion is the first of its kind to be hosted in the city. The Taj Enlighten Film Society held the first issue of the event on in the month of September 2011. In a week’s time, 34 films were presented in the first year. The first occasion of the festival was held in colleges of Delhi, targeting the students as their main audience. The first version of the festival garnered acknowledgement on its basis of selecting films for the occasion. After that, the event was given a permanent slot on 21-27 December at Connaught Place’s NDMC Convention Center.

Delhi Short International Film Festival – This festival is known for promoting documentaries and short films from all around the world, despite the popularity of commercial films in our nation. The Delhi Short International Film Festival was started in the year 2012, happening at various venues each year. A body called ‘Miniboxoffice’, a short films advertising, promotion and supply business organising company, administers the working of DSIFF.

Osian’s – Cinefan Film Festival – The Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival started in 1999 and is counted amongst the most awaited festivals in India. The festival aims at promoting Asian and Arab movies and documentaries and is normally held at the Siri Fort Auditorium. Ms Aruna Vasudeva is credited with the beginning of the festival, but later in 2008 Neville Tully’s Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art Private Limited took over the control of the festival. More than 175 films from 38 countries are showcased in the festival, so it’s a visual treat for anyone who likes exploring world cinema.

Twilight Film Festival – This film festival is an initiative by Twilight Movie Club, meant only for promoting short films. It offers its participating guests and visitors a stage to showcase their work, whether made from a mobile phone on a terrace or with all gadgetry at a remote location. Several noted movie critics, academicians, and filmmakers judge the contest. It is said that once if you’ve been highlighted in the Twilight film Festival, you can easily manage to bag awards of international acclaim.

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