Here’s a question – is there effectively a right or wrong way of going about searching for the very best student accommodation Newcastle has to offer?  Assuming that the outcome is the same, does it really matter how does in question go about the process?

Technically speaking, the answer is no as in all such instances, all that matters is the ideal outcome. However, assuming the ideal outcome is what you are gunning for, then it is in fact fair to say that there is very much a right and wrong way about going about the search process. Admittedly, this all sounds a little contradictory right now, but stick with it a while and all will become clear.

The problem with so many students when it comes to seeking accommodation is the way in which they become blinded by either excitement or blind panic to such an extent that they are landing digs they really are not pleased with at all.  Worst of all, having made one or more rookie errors themselves during the search process, they really have nobody to blame but themselves and are left to deal with the consequences.

5 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For Student Housing

So while it’s not impossible to end up with a decent enough place by taking a rather random and chaotic approach to the search process, the following five mistakes really should be avoided at all costs for the sake of the outcome:

1 – Rushing Things

First and foremost, we’ve already touched upon the mistake of rushing into things, but it is such a huge mistake that it warrants mentioning once again. The simple fact of the matter is that while it may be true to say that some of the more prestigious and in-demand accommodation options will naturally fill up first, making a choice simply due to time constraints rarely results in the right choice being made. What’s important to remember is that now more than ever, there are more student accommodation options across most major towns and cities than there are students. As such, no matter how long you leave it is nigh-on impossible that you’ll end up struggling to find a place – realistically you’ll probably end up finding somewhere much better.

2 – Going With the Herd

You know that old saying where people ask “if everyone else was to jump off a cliff, would you do the same?” Well, the same kind of logic applies in this instance too, as just because you’ve heard that an area of the city or a given building is wonderfully desirable and prestigious, this doesn’t in any way mean you will like it. The long and short of it is that to base your decisions solely on the behaviour of those around you is a bad idea to say the least as while it may be a perfect fit for them, it could be quite the contrary for you.

3 – OTT Bargain Hunting

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that there is a big difference between looking for genuinely affordable university accommodation and trying your damnedest to spend as little as possible. It’s no secret that students don’t generally tend to be blessed with an abundance of cash, but if you were to base your entire decision on nothing other than the price, it’s almost guaranteed that you are going to come out with a dud. Not that this in any way means you have to spend over the odds in order to get a great place – value for money these days is generally better than it’s ever been. Still, if you’re only willing to hand over pennies and insist on bargain-basement dwellings…well, you get what you pay for!

4 – Contract Ignorance

One of the most important rules to follow when it comes to signing up for student accommodation is that of never under any circumstances up signing on the dotted line unless you understand every single word of the contract. Not 65%, not 80% and not even 90% – 100% of the contract and every one of its terms. The reason being that logically speaking, if there is something you do not understand, then you are signing to something that could technically be quite hideous. If you don’t understand the contract, take it to someone who does.

5 – Ignoring Agencies

Last but not least, there are so many fantastic student accommodation agencies on the web right now which not only offer a fantastic service package for students, but do so 100% free of charge. As such, to ignore or overlook these agencies is to effectively turn down the free and abundantly valuable help of student accommodation professionals who exist for no reason other than to match students up with their perfect residences at the perfect price.