5 Fantastic Traits That Make a Good Immigration Lawyer

immigration lawyers

Is your residency in Australia threatened? Do you need assistance with visa applications or understanding Australian immigration laws?  Then, finding the best immigration lawyers is your solution. You should know that if these matters are not dealt with rightly from the very beginning, then it can result in unnecessary delays, disappointments, and a complete wastage of all your money and energy.

However, fraudulence is not very uncommon in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia. So, it is wise to undertake a thorough research before hiring anyone. And when you begin your research, the first step should be to assess the traits and qualifications of the lawyers so that you get a better understanding of their experience and skill.

So, here we have put together a list of crucial characteristics that you must look for in your Australian immigration lawyers. Take a look.


Experience is the first and foremost factor that every immigration lawyer is expected to have. Find the ones who have specialized in immigration and check their credentials. Make sure the lawyers have dealt with several matters including visa applications, migration or refugee review tribunals, health and character issues, Australian citizenship, Ministerial intervention request, and any other concerns with the immigration laws and regulations. If the lawyers have handled a number of such issues and especially the particular problem that you need assistance with, it means that they can solve your issue with complete precision.


Whenever we are in need of a legal expert, the first thing that we do is consult with our near and dear ones for recommendations and references. That is because if a lawyer enjoys a good standing amongst their clients, it means they are worth hiring. So, the next trait that you must look for in your immigration lawyer is their reputation and goodwill in the market. You must ask for bonafide references, check client testimonials, along with checking online search engines and social media sites for other reviews. Make sure they are a part of well-known law societies and organizations, whose membership speaks volumes about their credibility in this profession.

Decisive & Judgement Skills

Lawyers, in general, are known for their discretion and logic which enables them to make the right judgments. Similarly, the best immigration lawyers should also possess good judgment skills so that they can reach plausible conclusions at the earliest. They should be well-prepared with strong and confident arguments before appearing in courts in front of the immigration officials. So, their decisive ability is certainly crucial for this job.

Communication Skill

Communication is a mandatory quality that your immigration lawyers must possess both for you as a client as well as the immigration officials at the court. Your immigration lawyer should be persuasive wherever required. He or she should be able to negotiate, demonstrate logical arguments in your favor, and represent your interests with confidence. In case of unforeseen challenges, they should be able to confront these on the spot and come up with reasonable solutions. While he or she is so professional in their communications with the authorities, they must also reflect a genuine commitment and transparency to you. Make sure they speak to you clearly, discuss matters openly, and you should be able to honestly confide in them without any mistrust or doubt.


Lawyers are extremely busy professionals but being the client, you might need him or her at any time. There may be several queries or assistance with legal formalities. Your immigration lawyers should be available to you whenever you need them. And in case of emergencies, your lawyer should promptly respond to your situation. Also, make it a point that there is an expert professional for you if, at any point, it is not possible for your attorney to be by your side.

Most of these traits are better understood when you are in a face-to-face discussion. So, without any delay, start requesting for free consultations sessions to your shortlisted immigration lawyers in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

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