Almost any level of alcohol in the body can impair functioning in various different ways. Judgment and balance are impaired. Even if a person feels perfectly normal with drinking and driving, there are legal and illegal alcohol blood levels permitted in all states.

5 Facts That Nobody Told You About DUI Arrests

Getting Arrested for DUI

  • Though you may think you can get away with “just a little bit” of drinking before driving, you are better off avoiding it. Different people metabolize alcohol in different ways. Even with low levels, a police officer can determine the need for arrest based on “sub-intoxication.” You can still end up with a dui arrest.
  • Covering the breath won’t save you. Police are within their rights to pull you over if any odd driving is seen or suspected. Attempting to cover up alcohol breath and using cologne, breath mints, or air-fresheners in the car is only more motivation for police to test you for alcohol intoxication.
  • Police are always watching out for drunk drivers. Other intoxicated people are driving around you all the time. Even drinkers of small amounts are up to seven times more likely to get into a vehicular accident than any sober drivers.

Legal Help

  • When police catch you and charge you with a DUI, arrest is imminent. It is not the end of the world. It is going to be a process to get through. With the representation of a lawyer specializing in DUI cases. Such attorneys can minimize penalties and eliminate any potential jail time.
  • Approaching DUI charges without a lawyer is a poor choice. Those who do take this path in order to save money, actually end up with the highest penalties a state can dole out. Once you are released after the arrest, be sure to contact the best lawyers you can.