A good haircut can transform your hair into something fabulous on a bad hair day, making a good haircut powerful. Your self-confidence can skyrocket with the new bangs or layers which, leaves you feeling as if you can do anything. The wrong haircut can make you cry for days after the appointment and make you want to kill your stylist. In order to avoid potential disasters, there are some things to remember prior to having your haircut:

1.The shape of your face matters

Knowing if your face is heart, oval, round or square shaped will help to determine the cut that is the most flattering for you. The shape of your face can be determined by checking the jawline. Your face is square if you have a rounded jawline from the chin to the ears. It is the oval shape if the jaw goes slightly up at an angle and the is a bit pointy. Heart shaped if the jawline is curved in and the pointiest part of your face is the chin. You want your face to appear more oval which is the most flattering shape. Determining which hairstyle is most flattering for you can be done by drawing the shape of your face and putting the hairstyle you want on it, to determine if it makes your face appear more oval which is the most flattering facial shape.

2.Texture of hair

Curly, coarse hair won’t become a wash and go waves; fine, thin hair will not get additional volume and texture. If you want a celebrity look, find one that has the same texture to their hair that you do. Get pictures to show the stylist to help them achieve the look that you want.

3.Keep expectations realistic

When you are looking for inspiration for a haircut remember that celebrities have someone to spend hours doing their hair and it is likely full of extensions. You do not have a wind machine following you. It is important to be realistic and talk to the stylists about the reality of the possibilities, whether it is extensions a manageable hairstyle or one that blows in the wind perfectly.

4.Lifestyle must be considered

If you want a simple style and you know that you don’t have the time to invest doing your hair, but you still take time to do it you can realistically go for a style that requires more maintenance.

5.Are you ready to get your haircut?

Trims are not a big deal but you cannot glue the hair back on if you chop it off. You will need to spend a month thinking about, if you are considering a pixie cut or bob after having extremely long hair your entire life. When it is the first and last thought on your mind then you are truly ready for the new style.

Getting a new hairstyle is not something to take lightly. You have to think about it and be sure that you decide on a style that is right for you. One that not only flatters you but makes you feel good about yourself.

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