With every other thing and process experiencing automation, the field of marketing is not untouched by it. The means to accomplish the marketing goals have taken a sharp turn, not to mention the very many benefits that come along. Small scale businesses are now experiencing the power of automation tools such as the Enterprise Job Scheduler for the enhancement of marketing campaigns and making the digital presence more effective. Here are some automation tools businesses can leverage from –

HubSpot – It is considered as one of the best marketing solution with a robust nature. For startups or small scale businesses, it may pose as an efficient source of knowledge. The tool utilizes the data available in real-time and present the necessary information for lead generation and sales. Using the HubSpot, automation of marketing campaign is within the realms of possibility by creating the workflows and keeping a check on the completion of set goals.

HootSuite – If you are wondering about the methods of boosting social media presence, you definitely would require HootSuite. It has the capability to intensify the social media presence on no less than 35 platforms, covering LinkedIn and Facebook. Initially, you can sign for the free package that supports three profiles and then scaling up to the premium version covering more platforms.

MailChimp – Communication is vital for the success of any business or startup. MailChimp offers an incredible chance to all startup owners to leverage from the best platform with myriad of web technologies. The tool is basically used for email marketing and is highly affordable. Users can benefits from its features of finding customers basis of specific inputs such as past sales, behavior, and performance. By utilizing the Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs one can easily generate workflows along with the tools for scheduling and segmentation.

Spokal – Did you use Spokal? You may have come across the term but not really aware of its incredibility. If you are a continuous user of WordPress, this tool can greatly help you in inbound marketing for enhancing and increasing the significance of your content. The tool offers high level management of content and Search Engine Optimization so that the WordPress website gets the undivided attention. For customer retention and email campaign, Spokal has proven to be the best automation tool.

Salesforce.com – It is one of the biggest and leading organizations promoting CRM and business automation. Salesforce.com is used especially for the enhancement of marketing campaign and boosts the digital presence. AppExchange, the expansive APIs market helps in the integration of tens and hundreds of business apps belonging to the third party.

Automation is great for adding the value to your business and cut short time that is spent in process repeating after every specific period. By utilizing the capabilities these tools offer, businesses of all sizes can and will benefit to the utmost such as showing digital presence, email campaigns, managing multiple accounts, job scheduling software capabilities, and much more.