It’s a popular opinion, whether we’re feeling delicate, under the weather or recovering from an injury that we’re likely better off at home. Going out or going to work is dicing with further injury. If we’re in our houses, we’re definitely out of harm’s way. What could possibly go wrong if we hibernate for a little while in our humble abodes?

The answer is: plenty. Although many of us know our homes so well, some of us may tend to get a little too comfortable, and start to think that no harm can come to us at home.

But the home can be a dangerous place. At least at work, all appliances and procedures will be routinely checked and tested by health and safety professionals. At home, you just have to trust your own judgment.

Now, this isn’t an attempt to scare you. We’re not suggesting that your home is a brutal accident waiting to happen. However, it always helps to be vigilant when it comes to safety around the household. So here are a few home safety tips, which might just stop you or someone else in your household falling victim to injury, and subsequently reaching for the pain relief:

Fix Broken Fittings Immediately

If you see a loose fitting on the bottom of a door frame, or a piece of ripped carpet sticking out of the ground, don’t put off fixing it. The longer you leave it, the worse it might get, and the more likely it is to be tripped or fallen over. The same goes for dodgy electrical sockets you daren’t touch, or leaky faucets. Anything which is an accident waiting to happen should be dealt with straight away. Call a professional in if you have to.

Communicate When You Clean

Slippery floors are a common cause of accidents and injuries, not just at work, but in the home too. If you’ve just mopped the kitchen or the bathroom, make sure the others in your house know about it, so they don’t end up getting a close and painful look at your handiwork.

Ask For Help with DIY

Many of us don’t like asking for help when it comes to those household chores, but sometimes a helping hand is necessary. Getting someone to hold a rickety ladder for you isn’t you being needy, it’s just plain physics. Don’t be a hero. Get help if you need it.

Set Some Ground Rules

If you’ve got kids around, it always helps from a safety point of view to lay down some essential rules. No running in the kitchen might be an example, due to the potential for injury. Or, if you’ve got a slippery surface in the garden, then it might be good to make it off-limits during wet weather.

Don’t Tempt Fate

We’ve all been guilty of side-stepping common sense at times, but it’s never a good idea to tempt fate by overloading sockets, or stacking boxes too high, or leaving sharp objects lying around. In your home, you should always lead by example when it comes to safety – and that means not leaving yours and others’ well-being to chance.

This article is written by Adam who works for Express Doctor UK; one of UK’s online legal supplier of medical products online. In his free time, Adam loves to read and socialise with friends and family.